Response of Natalie Cline

First Natalie
Last  Cline

Office campaigning for U.S. House of Representatives, WV-1
Question #1

Is reducing human-induced climate change a priority for you?  Why?

Yes. We have a responsibility to the next generation to make significant efforts to stop climate change. This should start with a timeline of commitments to reduce our CO2 emissions, while also investing in renewable energy production. I believe we should focus on bringing alternative energy production facilities to areas of the U.S. that have historically been dependent on fossil fuel production jobs. Afterall, these communities are responsible for powering our nation. It’s time we give them back hard working, family-wage paying jobs.

*********************************************************************************** Question #2 What is your position on the much discussed Appalachian Petrochemical Storage Hub?

Oppose. This is greatly concerning to me. While proponents of this hub state that it is necessary to bring jobs to our area, I would ask why it is that they can rationalize spending billions of dollars to construct these facilities, but not spend a fraction of that to construct cleaner and safer alternative energy production facilities. This hub will without a doubt further contaminate our air and water, not to mention further contribute to climate change. I want more than anything to bring more good paying jobs to our region and this can be accomplished with investments in alternative energy production facilities.

*********************************************************************************** Question #3 What is your position on the barge docking station below Marietta that will bring fracking waste to the Mid-Ohio Valley?

Oppose. No region should ever be in a situation where they are begging to be a hazardous waste dump. We should demand better from our Representatives. The Ohio River provides drinking water to 5 million people. This “facility” will not only be in our back yards, but it will be living on our water source. I certainly don’t want to risk my family’s ability to have clean water in exchange for being a dump.

*********************************************************************************** Question #4 Many corporations have set carbon reduction goals and require access to sustainable energy sources in order for them to locate in a state. Do you think the MOV needs to better position itself to attract such businesses? Explain what you would propose to convince these corporations we are serious about working with them to reduce their carbon footprint.

Yes. Our campaign has begun a legislative policy proposal titled the Reestablish Our Energy Authority Act. In sum: There are many communities across the nation that have been reliant on fossil fuel energy production jobs. However, as these communities suffer job losses from less fossil fuel production, they are left without new industries that offer similar compensation and benefits. We propose offering tax incentives to alternative energy production companies who locate their manufacturing and R & D in these communities. Companies would have a requirement to hire 80% of their workforces from these communities and maintain a code of ethics that reduces their hazardous waste byproducts. After all, if our Congress can pass the European Energy Security and Diversification Act of 2019, then they can certainly pass legislation that will help communities at home.

*********************************************************************************** Question #5 The State of Pennsylvania has an Environmental Rights amendment in its constitution that reads: “The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and aesthetic values of the environment. Our state’s public natural resources are the common property of all the people, including generations yet to come. “Would you approve adding such an amendment to our state constitution?

Yes. As a federal candidate I would not be in the position to vote, however, I would openly support such an amendment.