Trust the science

Letter to the Editor Marietta Times May 13, 2020 by Aaron Dunbar “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been,” wrote prominent science fiction author Issac Asimov four decades ago. “The… Read More

Increasing risk without our consent

Letter to the Editor May 5, 2020 Marietta Times by Rebecca Phillips Yet again, proposals affecting the health and well-being of everyone in the Mid-Ohio Valley are being made without our input. The Army Corps of Engineers is… Read More

Residents concerned about wastewater permit

Local News May 5, 2020 Marietta Times by Michele Newbanks, The public comment period is set to end Wednesday on a permit for a docking facility at Deep Rock Disposal Solutions. The docking facility, which would be located… Read More

Climate change and national security

Letter to the Editor Apr 28, 2020 Marietta Times by Aaron Dunbar “Within a few short centuries, we are returning to the air a significant part of the carbon that was extracted by plants and buried in the… Read More

Save our earth

Letter to the Editor Apr 24, 2020 Marietta Times by Margaret Meeker Last year at this time I submitted a letter concerning Earth Day which was started 50 years ago under a Republican administration. As we approach Earth… Read More

Using pandemic to avoid regulations

April 10,2020 By Dr. Randi Pokladnik at The world has come to a standstill as countries try to protect their citizens from the COVID-19 virus spreading across the globe. People have been asked to adhere to social… Read More

A call for war time mobilization

Apr 12, 2020 By Eric Engle Letter to the Editor Parkersburg News and Sentinel In a column dated March 30, Mike Myer writes about the need for greater preparedness when addressing ever-evolving pathogens. I agree with Mike that… Read More

Exploited, indeed

Apr 12, 2020 By Aaron Dunbar Letter to the Editor Parkersburg News and Sentinel A couple of weeks back I submitted a letter to the News and Sentinel, discussing the lessons we should be learning from the COVID-19… Read More

Whether it’s coronavirus or climate crisis, think globally and act locally now

Mar 23, 2020 By Adeline Bailey Letter to the Editor in the Marietta Times Currently, reports of the spread of the coronavirus fill the news. COVID-19 started far from the U.S., but now Ohio health officials and public… Read More

Respond to climate change, too

Mar 22, 2020 By Aaron Dunbar Letter to the Editor in Parkersburg News and Sentinel Transport your mind back to the beginning of this year. Or for that matter, to even a few short weeks ago. Imagine someone… Read More