Oil Companies Lying to You

Jan 17, 2023 Aaron Dunbar Letter to the Editor Marietta Times “On January 12th, the New York Times published an article entitled “Exxon Scientists Predicted Global Warming, Even as Company Cast Doubts, Study Finds.” I was actually quite… Read More

Climate Corner: Celebrating failure

Dec 10, 2022 Aaron Dunbar editorial@newsandsentinel.com Coca-Cola Presents: COP27 took place last month in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, presumably scheduled between the annual Foxes Guarding Henhouses Convention and Lockheed Martin’s World Peace Extravaganza 2022. About as much was… Read More

Climate Corner: Climate, war and existential threats

Oct 29, 2022 Aaron Dunbar Jeffery Sachs, director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, was recently a speaker at the Athens Democracy Forum in Athens, Greece. When comparing the primary forms of government among major… Read More

Climate Corner: Easy to ignore big picture

Sep 10, 2022 Aaron Dunbar editorial@newsandsentinel.com A man opens a newspaper and reads the headline: “Climate endgame: Risk of human extinction ‘dangerously underexplored.’” He reads a paragraph into the story before folding the paper and skipping to the… Read More

Climate Corner: Trickle-up apocalypse

Aug 6, 2022 Aaron Dunbar editorial@newsandsentinel.com Unfettered climate chaos has ravaged the globe throughout July, as it is almost certainly guaranteed to do with increasing magnitude for the remainder of our days. Heatwaves across the U.S. have placed… Read More

EPA ruling far from ‘pro-life’

Letters to the editor  Jul 9, 2022 Aaron Dunbar editorial@newsandsentinel.com On June 24, America’s far right Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision establishing the constitutionality of abortion in the United States. But what… Read More

Climate Corner: Thank you, Mr. Bruce

Apr 30, 2022 Aaron Dunbar editorial@newsandsentinel.com I’d like to take a moment to honor the sacrifice of the late Wynn Alan Bruce, who departed this life following an act of self-immolation outside the U.S. Supreme Court Building this… Read More

Climate advocates won’t be silenced

Marietta Times Jan 31, 2022 Aaron Dunbar A few days ago, I learned that an acquaintance of mine, a whip-smart environmental scientist and educator, would no longer be publishing her long-standing weekly column in a small-town Ohio newspaper…. Read More

Climate Corner: Billionaires won’t save us

Jan 15, 2022 Aaron Dunbar editorial@newsandsentinel.com “Amazon won’t let us leave” Last month, these became the final words sent by warehouse worker Larry Virden to his girlfriend Cherie Jones, when a monster tornado collapsed an Amazon warehouse facility… Read More

Climate Corner: United States military bears responsibility for global woes

Dec 25, 2021 Aaron Dunbar editorial@newsandsentinel.com “Make no mistake: no military on the face of the earth works harder to avoid civilian casualties than the U.S. military.” These were the words of Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby after… Read More