Climate Corner: Warning signs

Jul 3, 2021 Aaron Dunbar The snow is bleeding. Yes, you read that correctly. The typically white snow that covers the French Alps has been observed darkening to a blood red hue, producing a phenomenon known as… Read More

Which option do we choose?

Parkersburg News and Sentinel Letters to the editor  May 22, 2021 Aaron Dunbar I was quite interested to read “Honest environmental talks,” Christina Myer’s May 15 column in the News and Sentinel. Myer’s piece deals with the subject… Read More

Climate Change and the H-Word

Marietta Times Letters to the Editor  May 19, 2021 Aaron Dunbar I have a confession to make: I just finished eating a double bacon cheeseburger. I drive a car. I’m writing this on an iPhone. I’ll later edit… Read More

Climate Corner: Companies use law as a weapon

May 15, 2021 Aaron Dunbar By now I probably don’t have to tell you that a year is a very long time to spend cooped up in the house. For human rights lawyer Steven Donziger, however, that… Read More