Climate Corner: It doesn’t make cents

Dec 24, 2022 Eric Engle The continued use of fossil fuels coal, oil and “natural” (methane) gas for energy and product production increasingly does not make sense or cents. There’s really no other way to look at… Read More

Climate Corner: Public policy must do better

Nov 12, 2022 Eric Engle A recent piece in The Washington Post included the fact that, “Carbon dioxide concentrations in 2021 were 415.7 parts per million (or ppm), methane at 1908 parts per billion (ppb) and nitrous… Read More

Climate Corner: Proposed plant a dangerous distraction

Sep 24, 2022 Eric Engle The company Competitive Power Ventures Inc. has announced plans to build a combined-cycle natural gas power plant in West Virginia, an 1,800-megawatt facility representing a $3 billion investment that could potentially be… Read More

Climate Corner: Inflation Reduction Act offers hope

Aug 27, 2022 Eric Engle The recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has been both applauded and looked upon with disappointment by many in the environmental movement, but one important aspect of the law… Read More

Op-ed: Plenty of drawbacks in Inflation Reduction Act

Aug 20, 2022 Eric Engle Sen. Joe Manchin III, D-W.Va., shocked us all recently when he agreed to support, and then voted to actually pass, climate and energy legislation known as the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022…. Read More

On climate, making Manchin irrelevant is the only path

WVGazettemail July 26, 2022 Eric Engle The world is being scorched. Europe is suffering under massive heatwaves, as is the U.S, and China. Wildfires, droughts, collapsing glaciers and devastating floods are becoming ubiquitous globally. The U.S’s fastest growing cities like Scottsdale, Arizona… Read More

Climate Corner: Few options after unforgivable ruling

Jul 9, 2022 Eric Engle Six unelected authoritarian despots on the U.S. Supreme Court have decided in the case West Virginia v. EPA that the federal administrative body tasked with protection of public health and the environment… Read More

Climate Corner: No time to waste

May 21, 2022 Eric Engle The old cliche goes that, when you’re in a hole and trying to get out, you first stop digging. That is the opposite of what we’re doing when it comes to fossil… Read More

Climate Corner: Transition time is now

Mar 19, 2022 Eric Engle Vladimir Putin is a petrostate autocrat, meaning Russia is a nation heavily dependent on oil and gas revenue and Putin, as an authoritarian who has made a mockery of any semblance of… Read More

Evolution of climate fight includes faith community

Feb 28, 2022 Eric Engle I usually ignore ridiculous and nonsensical diatribes like a letter to the editor in the Feb. 20 edition of the Parkersburg News and Sentinel titled “Trust God on climate,” but since the… Read More