Climate Corner: Engage, inform on climate change

Apr 23, 2022 George Banziger After the 52nd annual Earth Day we should celebrate by striving to get more people engaged in action to address climate change. A majority of Americans accept the fact that global warming… Read More

Climate Corner: Job creation from fossil fuels – Where’s the beef?

Mar 5, 2022 George Banziger In a recent opinion piece, the writer asserted the fossil fuel industry has a positive impact on job creation and the economy. This assertion was made without any evidence to support it…. Read More

Climate Corner: Economics, energy and employment

Jan 22, 2022 George Banziger There are certain demographic and economic trends that have been evident for decades in this region of Appalachia and that can be addressed given the opportunities presented by the investment of federal… Read More

Recent Tornadoes bring climate change to the forefront

Dec 17, 2021 George Banziger While our immediate attention should be directed at relief efforts for the thousands of people who have lost loved ones, are injured, homeless, and without jobs and their personal possessions, we should still… Read More

Climate Corner: A bipartisan infrastructure bill

Dec 4, 2021 George Banziger On Nov. 15 President Biden signed into law the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. In August the U.S. Senate had passed the bill with 19 Republicans voting for it, and on Nov. 6 the… Read More

Extreme Weather

By George Banziger October 6, 2021 in the Marietta Times Climate change is indeed a worldwide crisis. The international climate summit in Glasgow Scotland, where representatives from 190 nations will convene on November 1, is, only few weeks… Read More

Climate Corner: Re-imagine Appalachia

Sep 18, 2021 George Banziger There has been a lot of frightening and vividly portrayed news about extreme weather lately that has brought our collective attention to the urgent need to address human-caused climate change. Unstoppable wildfires… Read More

A Price on Carbon

By George Banziger Sept. 6, 2021 Appearing in the Marietta Times There has been a lot frightening and vividly portrayed news about extreme weather lately that has brought our collection attention to the urgent need to address human-cause… Read More

Too Much Fracking Waste & Too Many Unanswered Questions

Christopher Schmitt, Patch Staff Posted Mon, Aug 23, 2021 at 12:24 pm ET Marietta native George Banziger expresses grave concerns about how fracking and injection wells are affecting Washington County. MARIETTA, OH — This is a news release… Read More

Climate Corner: What Can an Individual Do?

Jul 31, 2021 George Banziger Human-caused climate change is rapping on our collective door with increasing urgency and with palpable visibility—even in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Before this summer we knew about oceans rising, warming, and becoming more… Read More