Wake up to the reality of climate change

Apr 17, 2019 As we approach Earth Day on April 22, I am thinking about the first Earth Day as a teach-in by Sen. Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin to draw attention to what was happening to our earth… Read More

Humans drive climate change

Apr 14, 2019 A study out in March in the British peer-reviewed journal Nature Climate Change showed that anthropogenic (human-caused) global climate change is a virtual certainty. Global scientists are 99.9999 percent sure, according to the study, that… Read More

Roads vs. coal

Mar 31, 2019 Thank God for those potholes, they remind us all we are in the Mountain State. Maybe if Gov. Justice would take charge of fixing them instead of complaining about previous administrations we could improve them…. Read More

Manchin says

Manchin says climate change must be on “front burner” — but is it even on his stovetop? April Keating and Eric Engle, Gas Committee co-Chairs Senator Joe Manchin III, senior senator from West Virginia, now finds himself as… Read More

Solar needs to be allowed to compete

It’s time for West Virginia to focus on how to grow our economy and encourage entrepreneurship with free markets, sensible regulations and fair competition. Renewable energy stands to benefit from such policy changes. Distributed renewable energy resources like… Read More

Green New Deal isn’t just a possibility

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Edward Markey introduced a nonbinding resolution on Feb. 7 calling for a Green New Deal. It would be an overhaul of our energy, transportation, agricultural and infrastructural systems moving us off fossil… Read More

Lawmakers should legalize power agreements

Jan. 25, 2019 The Daily Mail editorial “West Virginia can lead in renewable energy too,” (Jan. 11) misses the point. The editorial acknowledges two important facts: that the energy of the future could and should come from West… Read More

There’s no time to waste

Jun 2, 2019 As the Trump administration and most congressional and state Republicans continue the ostrich approach to addressing the global climate crisis — their proverbial head in the hole as the Midwest is under water, much of… Read More

Defining Alarmism

Dec 16, 2018 On Dec. 9, the Parkersburg News and Sentinel published a piece by syndicated columnist, Mona Charen. Ms. Charen spoke of climate alarmism and how many environmental and climate activists were resorting to fear-based tactics in… Read More

Tell PSC we want choice

Parkersburg News & Sentinel – Nov 4, 2018 To quote the organization Solar United Neighbors of West Virginia, “West Virginia’s monopoly electric utilities — Appalachian Power, Wheeling Power, Mon Power, and Potomac Edison — want to drastically reduce… Read More