A Price on Carbon

By George Banziger Sept. 6, 2021 There has been a lot frightening and vividly portrayed news about extreme weather lately that has brought our collection attention to the urgent need to address human-cause climate change. Unstoppable wildfires caused… Read More

Warning signs

Rebecca Phillips Marietta Times Sep 6, 2021 Weather-related tragedies are everywhere we look. On Sunday, Hurricane Ida left a path of destruction in Louisiana and is now tracking northeast, with flood warnings issued as far north as Cape… Read More

Code Red for Humanity

August 26, 2021  Letter-to-Editor by Vic Elam, Marietta, Ohio “Code red for humanity” that is what United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterras stated, in regard to the latest report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  With more… Read More

Carbon capture

Jul 22, 2021 The Labor Energy Partnership led by the AFL-CIO and Energy Futures is proposing the Ohio River Valley become a hub for fossil-fuel generated hydrogen and carbon dioxide using carbon capture technology. The major industry contributing… Read More

Emissions – What level?

Jun 5, 2021 Warren Peascoe editorial@newsandsentinel.com What is the proper amount of emissions to allow from industrial and chemical plants and how are emissions traded for jobs? I was appalled when I compared what West Virginia’s Department of… Read More

Which option do we choose?

Parkersburg News and Sentinel Letters to the editor  May 22, 2021 Aaron Dunbar I was quite interested to read “Honest environmental talks,” Christina Myer’s May 15 column in the News and Sentinel. Myer’s piece deals with the subject… Read More

Climate Change and the H-Word

Marietta Times Letters to the Editor  May 19, 2021 Aaron Dunbar I have a confession to make: I just finished eating a double bacon cheeseburger. I drive a car. I’m writing this on an iPhone. I’ll later edit… Read More

Our house is on fire

The Athens News By Aaron Dunbar April 21, 2021 Growing up, I never spent much time thinking about the house where I lived. As far as I was concerned, it was four walls and a roof. A house… Read More

With climate crisis looming, it’s time for leaders to take bold action

The Columbus Dispatchby Aaron DunbarApril 19, 2021 Political leaders: The time is now for bold action on climate change Last year I received a handwritten note in the mail from Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, acknowledging my letter published in The… Read More

Support THRIVE

Parkersburg News and Sentinel Apr 17, 2021 By Giulia Mannarino On Sept. 10, 2020 the THRIVE Resolution was introduced in Congress by Democrats. This resolution simultaneously tackles three separate but inextricably intertwined crisis: pandemic recovery, climate change and… Read More