Our future lies in clean, renewable energy

Sep 5, 2020 in Herald-Star by RANDI POKLADNIK Most Ohioans who have lived in the state for more than 50 years have noticed that our weather is definitely changing. We have warmer winters overall, hotter summers, less snow… Read More

Do You Want Oil and Gas Waste in Your Water?

Robin Blakeman Jul 23, 2020 Hoots and Hollers If the answer to the title question is “no!” then please register to attend the Peoples Hearing on August 27th Why is this necessary? A virtual hearing hosted by USACE… Read More

Teaching kids to care about the world we all live in

Appearing in The Marietta Times Editorials Jul 15, 2020 It is never too early to start thinking about ways to do better for our environment. In Williamstown, officials found a way to rope in local elementary students in… Read More

Frack Waste Barges: Another Threat to Ohio River Valley Residents’ Drinking Water Supply

Randi Pokladnik Jul 14, 2020 Hoots and Hollers The 981-mile Ohio River is notoriously one of the most polluted rivers in the nation according to the U.S. EPA. The river supplies drinking water to more than five million… Read More

More common sense needed on fossil fuels

Column Jul 11, 2020 Times Leader by RANDI POKLADNIK Environmental Consultant and Trainer Last week’s Times Leader (July 5, 2020) carried an op-ed by Greg Kozera, the director of marketing and sales for Shale Crescent USA. In the… Read More

Better alternatives to extraction industry dependence

Jul 11, 2020 Parkersburg News&Sentinel by Eric Engle In the July 5 edition of the Parkersburg News and Sentinel, a piece appeared on the front page of the business section touting the recent report from the U.S. Department… Read More

Caught between supply and demand

Local Column Marietta Times May 9, 2020 By David E. Ballantyne Little in my experience prepared me for a Pandemic. I am an engineer by training; thus, a student of science. I have high respect for the methods… Read More

Using pandemic to avoid regulations

April 10,2020 By Dr. Randi Pokladnik at thebargainhunter.com The world has come to a standstill as countries try to protect their citizens from the COVID-19 virus spreading across the globe. People have been asked to adhere to social… Read More

Energy: Investment in renewables is vital to state’s future

Feb 12, 2020 Editorial in Parkersburg News and Sentinel West Virginians understand how much we owe the generations of coal miners who have kept our — and the rest of the country’s — lights on. Our emotional response… Read More

Solar energy — West Virginia’s path to a brighter economic future

Mar 1, 2020 by Beth Wheatley Editorial at Parkersburg News & Sentinel The time is now for West Virginia to seize the opportunity to capture some of the 240,000 jobs and the billions of dollars of annual investment… Read More