Using pandemic to avoid regulations

April 10,2020 By Dr. Randi Pokladnik at The world has come to a standstill as countries try to protect their citizens from the COVID-19 virus spreading across the globe. People have been asked to adhere to social… Read More

Energy: Investment in renewables is vital to state’s future

Feb 12, 2020 Editorial in Parkersburg News and Sentinel West Virginians understand how much we owe the generations of coal miners who have kept our — and the rest of the country’s — lights on. Our emotional response… Read More

Solar energy — West Virginia’s path to a brighter economic future

Mar 1, 2020 by Beth Wheatley Editorial at Parkersburg News & Sentinel The time is now for West Virginia to seize the opportunity to capture some of the 240,000 jobs and the billions of dollars of annual investment… Read More

Finding common ground on climate change

Marietta Times and Parkersburg News & Sentinel Feb 9, 2020 by George Banziger As the election year of 2020 unfolds, there is plenty of rancor and polarization in the political world. One issue that can potentially achieve bipartisan… Read More

Climate crisis is up close and personal

Charleston Gazette-Mail Sunday, November 24, 2019  Op-Ed by Betty Rivard Earlier this month, I celebrated my 75th birthday during the warmest weather I had ever experienced for November. Some of those birthdays were spent in more northern, western,… Read More

The economy, jobs and renewable energy

Appearing in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel: Sunday, October 6, 2019 Local Column: Op-ed by George Banziger, Ph,D. The future of the energy economy and jobs in the U.S. clearly lies in renewables, especially wind and solar power…. Read More

WV can profit from fighting climate crisis

Appearing in the Charleston Gazette-Mail: Sunday, September 8, 2019   Op-ED by Logan Thorne, project director for the WV Center on Climate Change Defeating the climate crisis is necessary — unless we want to lock-in scorching heat waves, rampant… Read More

Planning for a diverse economy is not anti-coal

First appearing in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel Aug 4, 2019 Emmett Pepper (Last) Tuesday, the legislature ended business and occupation (B&O) taxes for the Pleasants Power Station in Willow Island. Much of the discussion of the bill… Read More

Climate change no laughing matter

Appearing in The Register-Herald (Beckley, WV): Tuesday August 6, 2019  GUEST COLUMN by Angie Rosser, executive director of WV Rivers Coalition The July 26 editorial in the Register-Herald, The Temerity to Address Climate Change, was a breath of… Read More

An ‘all-of-the-above’ approach to energy policy

Jul 27, 2019 By David E. Ballantyne I have, in the recent past, heard many people express the phrase; “I believe in an all of the above approach to energy policy.” It is mostly those persons who self-identify… Read More