Contracted Position with Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action (MOVCA)

Engagement and Program Coordinator

Posted January 11, 2021


Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action is a grassroots organization that was started in 2015 by local volunteers concerned about the climate crisis and what could be done about it.  MOVCA is led by a leadership team composed solely of volunteers and has worked to organize and mobilize people in the MOV through education, activism, and coalition building.  We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  and on the internet through our website

Engagement and Program Coordinator

MOVCA is looking for a part-time coordinator to work with us this year to put climate action on everyone’s agenda, especially young people.  This is a short-term ten-month contract for approximately 10 hours per week, flexibly scheduled, not to exceed $10,000.  This is not an employee but a contract position, so the contractor is expected to pay all required taxes themselves and have the basic computer and phone equipment.

Who’s right for this position?  Desired Qualifications

An individual with

  • A compelling concern for and a passion about the climate crisis and some basic knowledge.
  • An action oriented disciplined team player who likes working with a volunteer leadership team but doesn’t need to be micromanaged every step.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills, able to write grammatical emails and flyers.
  • Familiarity with common social media platforms, especially those popular with young people.
  • The ability to talk to different kinds of people and listen to their concerns and ideas in an open and respectful way. 
  • Experience working with volunteer community activities highly desirable


Design, organize, and promote among youth and young adults up to four contests in 2021 whose themes would be drawn from the THRIVE agendas (which is the rebranding taking place for the Green New Deal) about a sustainable economy and a renewable future to create a positive hopeful message, if we act together now.  These are the contests we are thinking now, but the media may change as we work with teachers. 

Radio Spot Contest:   high school and college:  The goal would be the production of a 12 second spot which would be aired locally.        

Billboard Design Art Contest:  college and high school:  Winners would be used as the basis for up to five static 10’ X 23’ billboards.

Essay contest:  Middle School           topics to be determined

Art Contest:  Elementary school      

The coordinatorwill make an event or events for the winners and will recruit sponsors to provide scholarships for older participants to add to the incentives to join the contests.

The Coordinator will work with the Leadership Team to:

  • Plan, organize, recruit volunteers and sponsors and implement the contests listed above
  • Maintain MOVCA membership lists and welcome new members
  • Organize a youth group for MOVCA from the students who respond to the contests 

Interested in Applying?

Submit a letter of interest that explains how you meet the qualifications and are a good fit for the position, resume, and three references to: Giulia Mannarino, MOVCA Vice chair, by January 29.  We will start to review applications at that time, and may accept later applications at our discretion.

The goal is to make a decision on or before February 15, with the start date to be immediately or as soon as possible thereafter. The position will stay open until filled.