Suggested Readings for March 2022

MOVCA February 2022 Selected Media Postings

Compiled by Cindy Taylor

Appearing in The Marietta Times:

February 17, 2022  Letter to the Editor by Aaron Dunbar, Lowell, OH

“Biden’s Afghanistan genocide”

February 26, 2022 Local Column by Dr. Robert W. Chase, former Chair of MC Petroleum Engineering & Geology Department

“Op-ed: Abandoning fossil fuels irrational”

February 19,  2022  Staff Report

“National Energy Technology Laboratory, partners rolling out Open Hydrogen Initiative”

February 5, 2022 Business news article WVU Today

“Plugging Away: WVU studying integration of renewable energy with U.S. power grid”

Appearing on-line in the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

March 1, 2022 Op-Ed by Eric Engle

“Eric Engle: WV plays key role in enabling climate disaster”

February 26,  2022  Energy and Environment Article by Mike Tony

“’Major questions’ loom over climate change as Supreme Court hears WV-led case against EPA”

February 19,  2022  Energy and Environment Article by Mike Tony

“Federal infrastructure law means big environmental cleanup benefits for WV, but also potential missed opportunity”

Eric Engle is quoted opposing the proposed “Hydrogen Hub”, but supporting opportunities for “green” hydrogen

February 14, 2022  Energy and Environment Article by Mike Tony

“WV House changes bill to weaken oversight of oil and gas tanks closest to public water intakes”

February 7, 2022 Legislative News relating to Energy and Environment.  Article by Mike Tony

“WV House passes bill clarifying who profits from extracting rare earth elements from mine drainage”

February 2, 2022  Legislative News relating to Energy and Environment. Article by Mike Tony

“Bill establishing state regulations for geothermal energy advancing through WV House”

January 31, 2022 Op-Ed by Jim Probst, Hamlin, WV; state coordinator of the West Virginia Citizens’ Climate Lobby

“Jim Probst: Miners, families deserve better from Congress”

Appearing on-line on

Tuesday, February 15, 2022, 12 Noon Zoom Webinar

“Campaign BiWeekly Lunchtime Update” features speakers from the U.S. Department of Energy – Torend L. Collins, Regional Intergovernmental

 & External Affairs Specialist for Appalachia  and Rose Dady, Specialist for the Midwest  

Presenters recommend this Link for latest updates about Bipartisan Infrastructure Law:

January 30, 2022 Blog Article by Dana Kuhline, ReImagine Appalachia

“ReImagine Appalachia’s 2022 Strategy Summit: Wrap Up”

  Included are links to recordings of the panel Presentations each day (and links to their PowerPoint presentations) and notes from breakout sessions.

Appearing on-line on Ohio River Valley Institute :

February 14, 2022 Article by Ben Hunkler

“Hydrogen, Carbon Capture Hub is a Risky Gamble for the Ohio River Valley”

February 7, 2022 Article by Eric Dixon

How to Clean Up the Most Damage with New Federal Investments in Abandoned Mines”

February 7, 2022 Article by Eric Dixon

“Coal Mine Cleanup in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Explained”

Available on WSAZ 3 (Charleston):

February 19, 2022  Article by Brenda Tierney, WSAZ  (Text and video)

“WSAZ Investigates/ DEP responds to cancer-causing chemical concerns”

Available on WOWK 13 (Huntington):

February 21, 2022 News Article by Stacker

“How much untapped wind energy potential does West Virginia have?”

Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or NPR:

February 28, 2022 Energy and Environment article by Curtis Tate

“Supreme Court Hears West Virginia Case Challenging EPA Authority Over Power Plants”

February 9, 2022 Energy and Environment article by Curtis Tate  Text and Audio

“As Nuclear Ban Ends In State, Capito Pushes For Build-Out”

February 8, 2022 Energy and Environment article by Curtis Tate  Text and Audio

“Justice Signs Bill To End Nuclear Power Ban”

February 8, 2022 Energy and Environment article by Curtis Tate  

“State To Receive $140 Million In Federal Funds For Mine Cleanup”

February 3, 2022 Energy and Environment article by Curtis Tate

“Mountain Valley Pipeline Hits New Roadblock Over Endangered Fish”

 February 2, 2022 Energy and Environment article by Randy Yohe   Text and audio

“State leaders Say W.Va. Finally Transitioning From Coal To Green Energy Economy”

Appearing on Public News Service: 

February 9, 2022 Environment/ Sustainable Agriculture Article produced by Mary Schuermann Kuhlman  

“Regenerative Agriculture: ‘Farming in Nature’s Image’”

February 8, 2022 Environment/ Rural/Farming Article by Natalia Peart for Yes Media 

“Black Farmers are Rebuilding Agriculture in Coal Country”

February 7, 2022 Environment Article produced by Nadia Ramlagan

“Federal Court Rejects Mountain Valley Pipeline Permit”

Feb 1, 2022  Environment/ Energy Policy Article produced by Suzanne Potter

“Study: Gas Stoves Leak Methane, Even When Off”

NATIONAL ATTENTION & Relevant to our region:

Presented by People vs Fossil Fuels:

February 24, 8pm  Build Back Fossil Free hosted digital rally for Climate Action ( posted to YouTube Feb.28, 2022)

“POTUS on Notice: No More Broken Climate Promises”  Recording available below

Feb. 24, 2022 Build Back Fossil Free Letter to President Biden

Signed by 1,140 organizations (including Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action)

Organizations urge President Biden to use executive authority to speed the end of the fossil fuel era, protect communities from climate emergency and address the severe harms caused by fossil fuels.

Available from Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (

February 22, 2020 Article by Tom Sanzillo, IEEFA’s director of financial analysis

“ IEEFA U.S.: Ohio regulators have opportunity to do PTTGC a favor by nixing permit”

Available from Ohio Capital Journal:

February 25, 2022 Article by Jake Zuckerman

“EPA coal ash crackdown could shutter southeast Ohio power plant”

Available from U.S. Department of Energy:

February 24, 2022 Department of Energy News Release

“DOE Releases First-Ever Comprehensive Strategy to Secure America’s Clean Energy Supply Chain”

February 22, 2022  Office of Policy presentation of new REPORT

America’s Strategy to Secure Supply Chain for a Robust Clean Energy Transition

   Summary given and links provided to Reports & Fact Sheets in thirteen different areas: carbon capture materials, electric grid including high voltage direct current (HVDC); energy storage; fuel cells and electrolyzers; Hydropower including pumped storage hydropower (PSH); neodymium magnets; nuclear energy; platinum group metals & other catalysts; semiconductors; Solar photovoltaics; wind; commercialization and competitiveness; cybersecurity and digital components

February 15, 2022 Department of Energy News Release

“DOE Establishes Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s $9.5 Billion Clean Hydrogen Initiatives” – DOE Seeks Public Input on New Hydrogen Hubs, Clean Hydrogen Manufacturing Programs to Decarbonize Industry, Transportation Sectors and Provide Healthier Air for All

February 11, 2022 Department of Energy News Release

“Biden Administration, DOE to Invest $3 Billion to Strengthen U.W. Supply Chain for Advanced Batteries for Vehicles and Energy Storage”- Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Will Fund Projects That Bolster Domestic Battery Manufacturing and Recycling to Support Growing Electric Vehicles and Storage Demand

February 11, 2022  Department of Energy News Release

“DOE Establishes $6 Billion Program to Preserve American’s Clean Nuclear Energy Infrastructure” – DOE Seeks Public Input on Executing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s Civil Nuclear Credit Program to Ensure Continued Operation of Clean, Reliable Nuclear Energy

Available on DeSmog:

February 23, 2022 Article by Julie Dermansky

“One Woman’s Quest to Safeguard Federal Funds Meant to Clean up the Oil and Gas Industry’s Mess”


February 4, 2022 Article by Carlos Anchondo

“Major study documents methane ‘ultra-emitters’”

 referring to study published Feb. 3, 2022 in the journal Science

REPORT Available on Science :

February 3, 2022  REPORT by T. Lauvaux; C. Giron; M. Mazzolini; A. d’Aspremont; R. Duren; D. Cusworth; D. Shindell; and P. Clais

“Global assessment of oil and gas methane ultra-emitters”

February 2, 2022 Article by Scott Waldman

“How Manchin used politics to protect his coal company”

Available on (A Berkshire Hathaway company):

February 3, 2022 Business Wire news article

“Leading Companies Launce Initiative to Support Low-Carbon and Hydrogen Industrial Hub in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia”

 Companies supporting this are listed. Eric Engle noted on Facebook- This is uneconomical and dangerous as shown by the Ohio River Valley Institute and The Science and Environmental Health Network


Available from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) : 

February 28, 2022  Statement by Hoesung Lee, IPCC Chair

“Remarks by the IPPC Chair during the press conference to present the Working Group II contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report”

February 27, 2022   NEW REPORT from the Working Group II contributing  to the Sixth Assessment Report

Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability   Links provided to report, summaries, Q&A, Facts, Atlas

“Summary for Policymakers Headline Statements” released February 28, 2022

Available from Citizens’ Climate Lobby and reposted with comments Jan, 31, 2022  to Skeptical 

January 27, 2022  Blog Article by Dana Nuccitelli  

“Study shows that carbon cashback must be coupled with education”

Available on Physicians for Social Responsibility, Los Angeles :

February 10, 2022  Article released by PSR-LA

“Danger Ahead: The Public Health Disaster That Awaits From Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS)”

   Excellent descriptions and explanations about concerns about this topic

Available on the Science & Environmental Health Network (

February 1, 2022 Article by Carmi Orenstein and Sandra Steingraber, both at SEHN

“The Fracking Science Compendium: to be Released – Soon! – from New Home of Concerned Health Professionals of New York at SEHN”

The 8th edition of the Compendium will shine a spotlight on the environmental injustices of fracking

Available on Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN):

February 3, 2022  Article released by IEN
“10 Executive Actions on Climate President Biden Should Take”

Available on Grist:

February 7, 2022 Article by Eve Andrews about new Report

“Study: Maintenance is a major driver of unaccounted for emissions”

 – We’ve got a lot of old oil and gas infrastructure, and it’s leakier than we thought.  Reference to Science report below:

Available on Green Car Reports:

February 24, 2022 Article by Stephen Edelstein

“Could wind-and-solar towers charge EVs, stabilize the grid?”

Available on Electrek:

February 7, 2022 Article by Michelle Lewis

“The US could save $5.6B a year if it switched from coal to solar – study”

       Referring to UK study published in the journal, Energy and Environmental Materials

January 26, 2021 Article by Michelle Lewis

“Coal-dependent West Virginia gets a $200 million wind farm”

Available from Yale Climate Connections:  

February 8, 2022 Article and Audio  by Yale Climate Connections Team

“Free online tool identifies climate risks in your neighborhood”

Referring to  “Neighborhoods at Risk” free online tool created by Nonprofit research group Headwaters Economics

January 25,  2022 Article by Jeff Masters, Ph.D. 2/7/22 with comment to Skeptical Science

“Third-costliest year on record for weather disasters in 2021: $343 billion in damages”

Available on American Chemical Society ACI (Publications):

January 27, 2022  Published in ACI’s Environmental Science & Technology

     STUDY by Eric D Lebel, Colin J. Finnegan, Zutao Ouyang, and Robert B. Jackson

“ Methane and NOx Emissions from Natural Gas Stoves, Cooktops, and Ovens in Residential Homes”