Selected Readings for June 2024

Compiled by Cindy Taylor

NOTE from Cindy: When scrolling through this selected media listing, you will find some media postings openly available without any costs, while other sites may have a paywall or request contributions (or registration). MOVCA appreciates the coverage provided by independent journalists, coalition groups and all media sources that publicize climate and environmental concerns, sustainable solutions, legislative actions, and opportunities for community members to learn and make a difference. Public libraries and educational institutions have many of these sources available to everyone.


Available on WTAP:

May 6, 2024 Article by Hailey Lanham and video, “Governor Dewine Grants Washington County Money”

“Washington County receives large grants for reconstruction”


May 5, 2024 Article by Chase Campbell

“Hydrogen pilot program nearing completion” The Peasants Power Station is nearing an important milestone in its planned transition toward hydrogen technology.


Available on the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

See articles by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter:

May  29, 2024  Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“’Untold impacts’: Groups urge feds to stop ARCH2 hydrogen hub over lack of details”


May 25, 2024  Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“As WV targets PFAS, advocates see protection in hazardous substance designation”


May 23, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“Mountain Valley Pipeline backs up targeted in-service date; safety concerns persist”


May 10, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter  (Jean Ambrose is quoted)

“ARCH2 hydrogen hub blasted over environmental, transparency concerns at DOE session”


May 4, 2024 Article by Mike Tony

“Mountain Valley Pipeline ruptures with requested in-service date looming this month”


May 1, 2024 Article by Mike Tony

“EPA cracking down on harmful coal ash despite WV criticism”



Available on The Columbus Dispatch:

May 11, 2024 Article by Jordan Laird

“A state senator’s fracking waste wells leaked. State paid $1.3 million to clean one spill.”


Available on

May 4, 2024 Article by Jake Zuckerman

“Fracking waste wells owned by an Ohio senator are leaking. The state paid $1.3 million to clean it up”


Available on WV Rivers Coalition:

Posted May 2, 2024  Action Alert

“Deny MOVP’s Request to Put the Pipeline “In-Service”


Available on ReImagine Appalachia:

See all events (to register) and access recordings and resources:

Check out June “Community Conversations” opportunity


May 30, 2024 REPORT: Flood Resilience in Appalachia: Policy Recommendations


May 24, 2024 ReImagine Appalachia Sustainable Transportation article – text and video link

“Breaking Down EV Adoption Barriers- Why Making the Switch is Easier than You Might Think”


May 13, 2024 Article by Molly Updegrove, Director of Outreach at ReImagine Appalachia

“Regional Funding Opportunities”


Wednesday, May 8, 2024 6-7PM Zoom Webinar

“Inflation Reduction Act Benefits”  (PA)


May 6, 2024 Article by Rike Rothenstein

“Clean Manufacturing Tax Credits for Coal Country”


Available from Heartland Capital Strategies Appalachian Sustainable Finance Hub:

May 21, 2024 11am- 1pm  Zoom  Meeting organized by Heartland Capital Strategies; ReImagine Appalachia; ORVI, etc.

“Appalachian Sustainable Finance Hub Project Launch” Panel presentation & discussion. Recording  & Recap available

(Speakers included Steve Patterson, Mayor Athens, OH)


Available from Ohio River Valley Institute (ORVI) and/or Black Appalachian Coalition:

May 14, 2024 12PM (noon EST)  Lunch and Learn Series 2024: Your Health and Your Environment on Zoom

“The Land Beneath Our Feet- Your Health and Your Environment Lunch & Learn Series Part IV”

Check out recordings of  previous Lunch & Learn sessions on BLAC’s YouTube channel.

Ted Boetner (ORVI) one of the presenters talks about orphaned wells cleanup and Infrastructure Jobs Act.


April 15, 2023 Article by Joe Cullen.  Note May webinars and resources are listed

“BIL/IRA Implementation Digest – April 15, 2024


Available on Fractracker Alliance

May 6, 2024 Article by Ted Auch

“Exploring the Fallout of Precision Scheduled Rail: the Original Story”


May 6, 2024 Article by Lynn Anderson & Susie Beiersdorfer, SOBE Concerned Citizens

“Youngstown Residents Stand Against Pyrolysis Plant: A Community’s Fight for Environmental Justice”


Available on ENERGYNEWS.US:

May 15, 2024 Article by Kathiann M. Kowalski

“As Ohio clamps down on clean energy, recent changes make it easier to force landowners to allow oil and gas drilling”


May 2, 2024 Article by Kathiann M. Kowalski

“Ohio seeks $189 million in EPA funds to electrify state fleets, retrofit public buildings” The DeWine administration is seeking Inflation Reduction Act funding to start implementing the state’s first statewide climate action plan.

See also:

Released March 2024 Ohio EPA’s “Priority Resiliency Plan”  U.S. EPA Climate Pollution Reduction Grant Program

Flier: “Ohio’s Priority Resiliency Plan: Building an environmentally and economically healthy state”


Available on Oil and Gas Watch:

March 6, 2024  News article by Brendan Gibbons (first article- see updates below)

“World’s largest ammonia complex would make fertilizer from natural gas in West Virginia coalfields”

Project Updates the week of May 20, 2024

“World’s largest ammonia plant planned for southwestern West Virginia gets air construction permit” and “Company applies to build West Virginia’s first carbon dioxide storage project”


Available on ENERGY.GOV Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations:

“H2Hubs Local Engagement Opportunities”

Listening Sessions- Appalachian H2Hub Part 1 (March 27, 2024) and Appalachian H2Hub Part 2 (May 8, 2024)

Available on Earthjustice:

May 14, 2024 Article by Earth Justice

“Th Solution to a Faster Clean Energy Transition? More Power Lines”


Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or NPR, etc

May 30, 2024 Energy and Environment Article by Curtis Tate  Text and audio.

“Wind, Solar Leave Coal In The Dust So Far This Year, Data Show”


May 30, 2024 Energy and Environment Article by Jack Walker

“W.Va. Receives Nearly $2 Million For Electric School Buses”


May 29, 2024 Energy and Environment Article by Curtis Tate

“Future Looks Bright For Solar Installation In State, CEO Says”


May 21, 2024 This West Virginia Morning by WVPB Staff. Summary and Audio

“Pipeline Safety Concerns And Radioactive Waste, This West Virginia Morning’


May 13, 2024 Energy and Environment Article by Jack Walker. Summary and Audio.

“W.Va. Receives Nearly $30 Million To Plug Abandoned Oil, Gas Wells”


May 6, 2024 Energy and Environment Article by Curtis Tate  Text and audio.

“Appalachian Fracking Water Contains Lots of Lithium, Report Says”


May 4, 2024 Energy and Environment Article by Curtis Tate  Text and audio.

“Mountain Valley Pipeline Bursts During Pressure Testing in Virginia”


FaCT: Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future   

Check out their “Distinguished Speaker Series

See articles in the newsletters


Available on the Science & Environmental Health Network:

May 28, 2024 Article by Sandra Steingraber, SEHN senior scientist

“Repercussion Section: Renouncing My Common Ground Essay on Prenatal Threats”


Available on The Guardian:

May 3, 2025 Article by Aliya Uteova

“Gas stoves increase nitrogen dioxide exposure above WHO standards – study”  Science Advances report also finds people of color and low-income residents in US disproportionally affected


Available on Inside Climate News:

May 29, 2024 Fossil Fuels Article by Kiley Bense

“Pennsylvania’s Fracking Wastewater Contains a ‘Shocking’ Amount of the Critical Clean Energy Mineral Lithium”


May 26, 2024 Science Article by Jon Hurdle

“A Debate Rages Over the Putative Environmental Benefits of the ARCH2 ‘Hydrogen Hub’ in Appalachia”


May 18, 2024 Clean Energy Article by Dan Gearino

“Ohio Solar Mounts a Comeback in the Face of a Campaign Whose Alleged Villains Include China and Bill Gates”


Available on Yale Climate Connections:

May 29, 2024 Article by Osha Davidson

“How to talk with (just about) anyone about climate and the 2024 elections”


May 29, 2024 Article by YCC Team Sarah Kennedy/ ChavoBart Digital Media. Text and audio

How to make vegan and vegetarian meals sound mouthwatering”


May 28, 2024 Policy and Politics Article by Barbara Grady

“The choice could not be more stark: How Trump and Biden compare on climate change”


May 28, 2024 Article by YCC Team  Sarah Kennedy/ ChavoBart Digital Media  Text and Audio

“Art therapy can ease climate-related anxiety”


May 27, 2024 Article by YCC Team Sarah Kennedy/ ChavoBart Digital Media  Text and Audio

“Sunshades, vines, and trees can help keep playgrounds cool.”


May 14, 2024 Article and podcast by YCC Team. Text and audio

“West Virginia man works to boost solar industry in his home state” Solar Holler founder Dan Conant wants to create new career paths for young West Virginians.




See Power A Clean Future Ohio (PCFO)


See REWIRING AMERICA – Electric Coaches


Available on

May 3, 2024 ScienceAdvances Vol. 10, No. 18  Research article by Kashtan, Yannai et al.

“Nitrogen dioxide exposure, health outcomes and associated demographic disparities due to gas and propane combustion by U.S. stoves”


Available on MedPAGE Today:

May 12, 2024 Article by Red Schettler,MD,MPH and Emma Sirois MUEP

“Farm-to-Hospital Meals Can Help Protect Patients and Climate” – Every health system should partner with local, high-quality farms


Available on the Orion Magazine:

May 2024  Article by Rebecca Altman

“From War Machine to Supermarket Staple: A History of the Plastic Bag”


Available on Environmental Working Group:

May 1, 2024 Article by EWG Staff

“Only 1 in 4 sunscreens deemed safe by EWG, offering balanced UVA and UVB protection”


Available on

May 23, 2024 Fashion For the Earth Article by Kanan Parikh

“Girl Math: Breaking down Price per Wear”


May 21, 2024 Article by Ben Jealous

“End Plastics: Ditch Plastics to Protect Our Planet”