Climate Ambassadors Wanted! 

For interested individuals, there is a google forms application to become a Climate Ambassador that can be accessed at: The application deadline is March 31th, 2023. There will also be an interview component in the process of selecting the  Climate Ambassador(s). Upon selection, Climate Ambassadors will attend an orientation this Spring, where they will get to interact with other Climate Ambassadors and learn skills that will aid them in developing and implementing their project proposal. The goal is to have these students begin the implementation of their project no later than the Fall 2023 term. They will have all summer to prepare and plan for the success of their program. Upon completion of projects, students will be eligible to receive a stipend for their hard work. Funding to implement student-generated projects is also available if required. A Climate Ambassador position is a great fit for students who have a strong interest in climate change, who are self-motivated and driven, and have a willingness to learn and have fun! MOVCA hopes to continue this Climate Ambassador program in the future and to take on new Climate Ambassadors every year.