Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action

Addressing Climate Change in the Mid-Ohio Valley

Get Paid to help MOVCA put climate action on everyone’s agenda in 2021!

Engagement and Program Coordinator

  • Earn up to $10,000
  • Flexible Schedule – 10 hours per week
  • Short-term (10-Month)  Contracted Position*

*Contractor has basic computer and phone equipment; pays all required taxes

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work with MOVCA Leadership Team to design, organize, and promote among youth and young adults up to four contests in 2021 with themes drawn from the THRIVE agendas
  • Maintain MOVCA membership lists and welcome new members
  • Organize a youth group for MOVCA from the students who respond to the contests

Clicking here takes you to a full job description and application information.

Public Meetings are on hold till further notice.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Help we need right now


Think up ideas/attend rallies and protests.  What can we do online?

Write letters to the editor

Respond to hearings, public input on proposals that affect climate change

Visit offices, write letters to elected officials

Follow up phone calls for actions, events, membership

(On Hold: Attend trainings, conferences to learn about climate science and actions; (we support travel expenses)

(Oh Hold: Table at festivals; march in parades)


Classroom presentations in the fall in Wood, Washington, regional      counties          (We’ve made presentations to more than 3500 students in Wood co; (we train you))

(ON Hold:  Public presentations (we train you))

Write/research educational materials

Research ideas for public programs, webinars

Media outreach:  billboards, PSAs, Radio

Talk to friends and family.  We have resources to help you!


Make connections with other organizations, businesses, and faith communities and find our common interests      

Represent MOVCA with Environmental Council, WV Climate Caucus, 350.org etc.

Be liaison with local government: Pburg, Vienna Williamstown Belpre

Your ideas:  who should we partner with?  What can we work on together?


Attend monthly meetings online (or face to face)

Social media; FB Twitter posts, responses

Website maintenance and writing content, creating links

Database maintenance

Membership connection and welcome

Fundraising; donors, grants, events

Become a Member

To contact MOVCA :

email  ericdengle85@gmail.com 

or text or call  (304) 488-4384 

2019 Public Service Announcements Awards Winners

Video Category

1st:      Madison Sayre and Ryan McCoy (black cloud plastic fire)

WVU at Parkersburg

2nd:     Madison Sayre and Ryan McCoy (we love WV, deer etc)

WVU at Parkersburg

3rd:      Ohio Valley University Business Communications (Dan’s group)

Daniel Hagberg

Catherine Sellers

Todd Goccey

Thomas Weatherford

Audio Category

1st:      Madison Sayre and Ryan McCoy

WVU at Parkersburg

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