Fracking Under Public Lands

Apr 13, 2024 George Banziger Letters to the Editor The Marietta Times I am outraged by the decision of the Ohio Legislature (both houses) and the governor for mandating fracking, i.e., high-pressure hydraulic fracturing, under Ohio public lands…. Read More

Stop all LNG projects

2/28/2024 Randi Pokladnik Canton Repository The recent op-ed in The Hill, titled “Biden’s LNG decision will make it harder to reach our climate goals,” by Tim Ryan and Mary Landrieu, claims that “without natural gas as a foundation,”… Read More

Property rights take a back seat to fossil fuel profits

February 19, 2024 Dr. Randi Pokladnik LTE Columbus Dispatch Ohio pro-fossil-fuel laws are enabling both public and private lands to be exploited by out-of-state fossil fuel companies. In 2022, House Bill 507 was passed during the 2022 General Assembly “lame duck” session…. Read More

Renewable energy is no threat to agriculture

Feb 3, 2024 RANDI POKLADNIK Herald-Star Online Why does Ohio’s Republican party continue to vilify solar and wind energy, as evidenced by a recent opinion piece “We must abandon reckless wind and solar subsidies” by U.S. Senate candidate… Read More

Good News for the Ohio River Valley!

Written by: Dr. Randi Pokladnik | Posted on: 12-30-2023 | FaCT: Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future Category: News | Ohio River Valley PTTGCA Solar battery storage FORM Energy As 2023 comes to an end, the people in the Ohio River Valley… Read More

Democracy Denied: Oil and Gas Land Management Commission

Written by: Dr. Randi Pokladnik | Posted on: 12-27-2023 | FaCT: Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future Category: fracking | oil and gas commission On Monday, September 18th, about 75 Ohio citizens traveled from all over the state… Read More

Another Assault on Local Communities and National Forests

Written by: Dr. Randi Pokladnik | Posted on: 12-27-2023 | FaCT: Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future Category: action | fracking carbon capture and storage The United State Forest Service has proposed a rule change to allow carbon dioxide captured… Read More

Put an end to sacrilegious treatment of public lands

Nov 25, 2023 George Banzinger In its Nov. 16 edition, The Marietta Times carried a story with the headline, “Ohio commission approves fracking in state parks.” I attended this event at the headquarters of the Ohio Department of… Read More

It is time the public gets scientifically based facts

August 14, 2023 Dr. Randi Pokladnik The Letter to the Editor, Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with a politician and a few local business owners about the oil and gas industry. Those who supported fracking… Read More

Don’t frack Ohio’s parks

This letter to the editor was originally published in The Bargain Hunter on June 22, 2023. By Randi Pokladnik As of May 30, oil and gas companies can “nominate” land parcels within citizen-owned state parks and forests to obtain… Read More