PSA Contest


Mid Ohio Valley Climate Action (MOVCA) invites high school and college students, staff and faculty to participate in a contest to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA).  PSAs are short audio/image messages that communicate ideas about subjects a community needs to engage with, think through and act upon.  They are not commercials; ideas and actions are the focus.

MOVCA is looking for both video and audio PSAs of 25 seconds or less.  This length will allow for the inclusion of additional information about upcoming events as needed.

Submissions are due November 1.


The topic is climate change and the global warming it is causing.  This can include the science, the impacts and the solutions. Here are four sources for you to use for accurate information on climate change.


The goal of the PSA is to draw attention to the danger and urgency of climate change its causes and solutions. Ideally, the PSA will also include a “call to action” and direct the audience to MOVCA as a resource.


The target audience is not focused on any particular age group but rather the MOV community at large in both Wood County, WV and Washington County, OH. Both counties are in Appalachia. The PSA should depict and reflect our region and have an Appalachian flavor.  Other climate action groups in WV and OH may use the PSAs produced as part of this contest.


Entries can be submitted by individual students or teams. Collaborations are encouraged.  Although at least half of team members must be students, teams may also include staff or faculty.  All entries must identify names of each individual who worked on the PSA and their contributions.  Participants names and schools should not be part of the PSA.  Each individual or team may submit up to 3 PSAs.


All PSAs and required forms must be submitted by email on or before November 1, 2019  to No entries will be accepted after that date.  MOVCA is not responsible for late, lost, delayed, damaged, misdirected, incomplete, illegible or unintelligible entries, none of which will be considered.

PSAs must be submitted in a ready to air MP4 or M4V format and at least 720 dpi resolution along with a copy of the script and research notations.

PSAs should include the MOVCA logo, available at

Participants have flexibility and creative license in developing their PSA.  Different media (live action, animation, stop motion etc.) are all encouraged.  The PSA can be done very simply with a single actor reading or performing a message or it can be an elaborate production with music and sound or visual effects.  Just be sure it is in good taste.  MOVCA has the right to reject any entry it considers inappropriate or inaccurate.

A complete application will consist of:


Nov 1, 2019             Submissions due

Dec 5, 2019              Winners announced at public ceremony; pr1zes awarded

Participants are required to act responsibly and follow all applicable copyright laws in the production of the PSA.  Participants must be the author and copyright owners of the entry  (include or have permission via license or otherwise to use or incorporate portions of their entry authored, owned or controlled by anyone else.) Avoid licensed music as well as any brand or product names.  Sound effects and public domain music may be used or “Royalty free” music can be purchased for a single fee with no subsequent royalties.


PSAs will be judged according to their creativity, their accuracy in communicating the facts of dangerous climate change, their depiction of the MOV, and the broadcast quality of the video or audio submitted.  PSAs will be judged without the participants or members of the public present.

The winning PSAs will be selected by a panel of judges comprised of communication experts, some of whom may be members of MOVCA.  The judges’ decisions are final.  MOVCA may choose to not make an award if the quality of the submissions do not meet the judges’ criteria.


The winning participants will be announced at a public ceremony on or around December 5.

Video Awards

1st Place $500

2nd Place   $300

3rd Place    $200

Audio Awards

1st Place     $250

2nd Place    $150

3rd Place     $100

The winning entries will appear on MOVCA’s website and aired on local media and may be submitted for airing to other broadcast and cable networks.  Time and placement of all airings shall be at the sole discretion of MOVCA.

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