Selected Readings for April 2024

MOVCA Selected Media Postings March 2024

Compiled by Cindy Taylor

Available online in The Marietta Times:

March 2, 2024 Editorial

“Orphan wells a great opportunity”


Available online in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel:


March 4, 2024   Community News Staff Report

“Clean Water Mural Tour flows into Parkersburg Art Center”

MOVCA, WV Rivers, & PAC announce free community event 3-5 p.m. March 9th at PAC. Art-O-Rama is March 16, 10a.m.-1p.m.


March 2, 2024 Editorial

“Orphan Wells: Cleanup could create career opportunities”

Ohio River Valley Institute’s report mentioned; Ted Boettner (ORVI) & Dana Kuhnline of ReImagine Appalachia quoted.


Appearing on WTAP:

March 5, 2024 Feature by Chase Campbell text and video (Eric Engle is interviewed)

“Chemours seeks permit to discharge wastewater into Ohio River”


March 4, 2024 Article by Sarah Coleman  Text and video.

“Clean Water Mural visits Parkersburg Art Center”


March 3, 2024 Feature by Chase Campbell Text with video.

“W.Va. DEP to host virtual public hearing on Chemours wastewater permit application”


Available on the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

See articles by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter:

March 29, 2024 Article by Mike Tony.   Eric Engle is cited.

“ ‘Toxic baggage’: Residents blast DoE, Arch 2 hydrogen hub during listening session”


March 28, 2024 Article by Mike Tony

“PSC approves double-digit rate hike for Mon Power, Potomac Edison residential customers”


March 28, 2024 Article by Mike Tony

“EPA still hasn’t acted on water quality concerns for 1,600 miles of WV waterways”


March 27, 2024 Article by Mike Tony

“WV’s coal magnate governor vetoes bipartisan pro-renewable energy bill”


March 20, 2024 Op-Ed by Eric Engle

“Eric Engle: Didn’t we learn from DuPont?”


March 20, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“EPA, DEP not doing their jobs?: WV groups sue over Lower Guyandotte watershed oversight”


March 16, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“Now they’re asking for more’: Chemours plant poised to pollute more PFAS amid toxic legacy”


March 14, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“WV official appointed to FERC; defended Mountain Valley Pipeline permit, went after EPA”


March 13, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“Department of Energy to hold listening session on ARCH2 hydrogen hub”


March 8, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“WV greenhouse gas reduction plan blasted for favoring fossil fuels over renewables”


March 6, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“WV Senate panel ignores bill restricting community air monitoring data use”


March 2, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“ ‘We need some help’: water quality, DEP oversight concerns mount”


Available on Farm and Dairy:

March 27, 2024 News article

“BLM seeks input on fracking in Wayne National Forest”

See also on U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management:

March 20, 2024 “BLM seeks input on additional analysis for oil and gas leasing in Ohio”


Available on The Bargain

March 27, 2024 Letter-to-Editor by Dr. Randi Pokladnik, Uhrichsville, OH

“Landowners forced into fracking agreements”


Available on Morning Journal (OH):

March 26, 2024 Letter-to-Editor by Randi Jeannine Pokladnik, Uhrichsville, OH

“ODNR should protect public lands”


Available on The Post (student-run news publication of Ohio University, Athens, OH)

March 6, 2024 Article by Maggie Amacher

“Ohio judge dismissed appeal, moves forward with fracking on public lands”


Available on Save Ohio Parks

March 12, 2023  Press Release by Melinda Zemper  Media release crossposted from FracTracker Alliance

“Data Reveals Discrepancies between Reported Oil and Gas Incidents in Ohio and Industry Claims”


Available on West Virginia Rivers Coalition:

March 30, 2024 Article about upcoming April 2nd webinar: Lunch & Learn: Fracking with ‘Forever Chemicals’ in WV  Hosted by Halt the Harm Network, PSR, and WV Rivers Coalition


March 23, 2024 “Register for ARCH 2 Listening Session on March 27th  Map included and link to register

See also WV Rivers’ fact sheet: “Impacts of Hydrogen on Public Health, Water, and Climate”

Available at


March 2024 “Honoring the Life of Turner Sharp: A Guardian of West Virginia’s Rivers and Forests”


March 8, 2024 Action alert “Stop Toxic Pollution in Our Ohio River!”


March 5, 2024 Action Alert – “Urgent request: Tell leaders NO on HB 5018 before 1PM!”


March 2, 2024 WVRC Policy News


March 1,  2024 Action Alert from WVRC

“Save our State Parks – Ask the House Committee on Government Organization to Reject SB 688”


Available on ORVI:

March 25, 2024 Article by Joe Cullen

“BIL/IRA Implementation Digest” includes listings of deadlines, webinars, reports & announcements & Resources


March 21, 2024 Article by Sean O’Leary  Text and audio

“The Tri-State CCS Hub and The Return of The Bad Deal”


March 17, 2024 Article by Joanne Kilgour

“LNG Exports Are a Rotten Deal for Appalachians”


Available on ReImagine Appalachia:  

Register for upcoming Virtual Events via Zoom and see recordings, reports, & resources available for past events.


April 4, 2024, 10AM Online webinar hosted by Swaniti Global Initiative & Reimagine Appalachia

“Appalachia and the World: Putting Appalachian Economic Revitalization in a Global Context”

(Speakers include Mayor Steve Patterson of Athens, OH)


March 29, 2024  Article by Sylvia Porras, ReImagine Appalachia Policy Intern.

“Loss of ARPA Funding Threatens Appalachian Children & Communities: The American Rescue Plan Act”


March 20, 2024 noon “Instagram Live: How women wannabe farmers find farm land”  with Annie Warmke


March 19, 2024 noon “Natural Infrastructure/ Workforce Development Policy Report Release”


March 14, 2024 noon.  “Shelter in the Storm: ReImagining resiliency for your communities & congregations”


March 12, 2024 Article by Sylvia Porras, ReImagine Appalachia Policy Intern

“A Guide to Earmarks for Appalachian Communities” Includes links to webinar recording, PowerPoint, &resources


March 5, 2024 noon. “Sustainable Manufacturing CO-Ops Report Release”

Includes link to recording and new report, “Worker Ownership and Cooperative enterprise in Appalachia’s New Energy Economy


March 5, 2024 New Report from ReImagine Appalachia

“Cooperatives in the New Energy Economy: Anchoring Ownership, Wealth, and Jobs in Appalachia’s New Energy Economy.”


March 4, 2024 Article by Rike Rothenstein, Research Associate ReImagine Appalachia

“The Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative (ARRI) Webinar Series – Appalachia’s Forests: From Reforestation to a Growing Recreational Economy”


Available on Sierra Club:  Sierra Club West Virginia

March 6, 2024 Article by Austyn Gaffney

“Appalachian Organizations Are Working to Make the Region a Hub for Green Manufacturing and Clean Energy”

New federal funding will help small and medium-size manufacturers join the emerging circular economy.


Available on Associated Press:

March 24, 2024 Climate News Article by Isabella O’Malley and Jennifer McDermott

“Energy agency announces $6 billion to slash emissions in industrial facilities”  [OH & WV facilities mentioned]


March 13, 2024 Climate Article by Seth Borenstein

“US energy industry methane emissions are triple what government thinks, study finds”


Available on Energy News Network:

March 22, 2024 Article by Kathiann M. Kowalski

“Environmental groups appeal court order on drilling under Ohio park and wildlife areas”


March 21, 2024 Article by Kathiann M. Kowalski

“Ohio landowners say solar oppositions groups threaten their property rights”


FaCT: Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future   

Check out their “Distinguished Speaker Series

See the articles in Newsletter :


Available on Earthjustice:

March 21, 2024 Article by Earthjustice

“The clean energy transition is happening. But Big Oil isn’t budging”


March  2024 Article

“Industry is Trying to Weaken Regulations on Cancer-Causing Emissions”,under%20the%20Clean%20Air%20Act.


Available on Environmental Working Group:

March 20, 2024 News Release contact Sarah Graddy, WWG

“EWG’s 2024 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce: The Dirty Dozen is packed with fungicides that can disrupt human hormones”


March 5. 2024 News Article by Alexis Temkin, Ph.D (EWG) and Tasha Stoiber, Ph.D. (EWG)

“PFAS and Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity: An EWG Fact Sheet”


Available on WV Department of Environmental Protection:

Revised 2023

West Virginia Materials Recycling Directory REAP (The Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan)


Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or NPR, etc

March 21, 2024 Article by Curtis Tate

“Nicholas County Solar Project Receives $129 Million Federal Grant”


March 8, 2024 Article by Curtis Tate  Text and audio

“PFAS Concerns Loom Over Chemours Permit for Washington Works”


Available on Living on Earth: (Public Radio’s Environmental News Magazine)

March 8, 2024  Audio and Text

“Fracking Under Ohio State Parks”


Available on The Guardian:

March 25, 2024 Article by staff and agencies

“US to spend $6bn to reduce carbon footprint of steel, ice cream ad mac and cheese”


March 13, 2024 Article by Associated Press see also AP article by Seth Borenstein

“US energy industry gas leaks are triple the official figures, study finds”


March 8, 2024 Article by Rachel Salvidge and Leana Hosea

“Cancer-causing PCB chemicals still being produced despite 40-year-old ban”


Available on Grist:

March 13, 2024 Article by Naveena Sadasivam and Kate Yoder

“You can start applying for the American Climate Corp next month”


Available on Physicians for Social Responsibility:

March 27, 2024 News Article about new REPORT, Fracking with “Forever Chemicals’ in West Virginia

“ ‘Forever Chemicals’ in West Virginia Gas Wells” Article and link to download report.

Access the report at:


Available on the Science & Environmental Health Network:

March 21, 2024 Article by Justin Nobel, Book author

“Petroleum-238: Big Oil’s Dangerous Secret and the Grassroots Fight to Stop It- Author’s Note” [WV mentioned]


March 21, 2024 Article by Sandra Steingraber, SEHN Senior Scientist

“RePercussion Section: Luminous Cockpits, Radium Girls, and Fracking Boys”


Available on

March 30, 2024  Article by Lydia McMullen-Laird

“5 Ways Being Zero Waste and Owning Less Can Make You Happier”

March 21, 2024 Feature

“5 Reasons We need Trees for a Healthy Planet”


March 11, 2024

“Tiny but Deadly: Your Butt on Plastic”


March 8, 2024 Article by Kendall Witters

“4 Women Fighting Plastic”


March 4, 2024 Article by Lindsey Sparkman

“Is Plastic Making Us Obese?”


Available on Yale Climate Connections:

March 29, 2024 Article by Michael Svoboda

“Book review: ‘Save Ourselves’ author says we can’t wait on global leaders to save the climate”


March 26, 2024 Article by YCC team  Text and audio link.

“The plastics industry’s carbon footprint has doubled in the past few decades” Making plastics from algae or plant material instead of fossil fuels could help.


March 25, 2024 Article by Barbara Grady

“How can I make my retirement plan climate-friendly?


March 7, 2024 Article by Michael Svoboda

“The best climate change movies and TV series of 2023”


March 4. 2024 Article by Sueellen Campbell

‘How to normalize the climate conversation”



Available on HEATED:

March 1, 2024 Article by Arielle Samuelson

“Plastic recycling is a scam”


Available on Scientific American:

March 14, 2024  Article by Katherine Bourzac

“First Comprehensive Plastics Database Tallies Staggering 16,000 Chemicals – and It’s Still Incomplete”


Available on the Des Moines Register:

March 4, 2024 Article by Elizabeth Weise, S. J. Beard, S. Bhat, R. Radilla, C. Procell and K. Zaiets

“US counties are blocking the future of renewable energy: These maps, graphics show how”