More Opportunities For Climate Action with MOVCA

Sept 3, 2020 in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel by Adeline Bailey

PARKERSBURG, West Virginia –  Since large in-person gatherings indoors are not advisable during this time of COVID-19, Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action’s usual Third Thursday programs have been suspended until public programs are safe for presenters and attendees. But MOVCA is pleased to announce upcoming opportunities to work for climate justice that don’t require meeting in person.

MOVCA members and friends are invited to participate in a free, five-day webinar series on Community Democracy presented by Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services beginning Monday, August 24th. Fair Shake is a nonprofit law firm that believes everyone should be able to defend their environment. They provide access to environmental justice through pro bono and income-based legal services on environmental issues.

Fair Shake’s Community Democracy Series aims to give people the tools they need to participate in the processes that shape their communities.  Each segment of their free, five-part webinar series is hosted by one of their staff attorneys and dives into important aspects of local and regional democratic processes that are often overlooked. Some examples include zoning, long term land-use planning, environmental permitting, lead hazards, environmental justice, and organizing around risk-management.

The webinar series runs the week of August 24th – 28th, with a different topic relating to environmental justice covered each day, beginning at 2:00 p.m.  Interested persons can register for one or all of the daily webinars.  Learn more about the series and register at the link below:

If attending an online webinar doesn’t sound appealing, MOVCA invites any and all to participate in their second Shoe Strike for the Climate at Fenton Park in Williamstown on August 29th from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Since large assemblies in person are restricted due to COVID-19, in July a small group from MOVCA met – wearing masks and practicing social distancing – to lay out more than 400 pairs of shoes donated by area residents, thereby representing citizens concerned about climate change, as well as future generations who have no voice with which to protest. The shoe strike in Williamstown will follow a similar pattern.

Anyone with shoes to donate or a protest sign for climate justice can bring them to the strike and stop by to say hello. If they prefer to drop off shoe donations in advance, MOVCA has set up sites in Parkersburg at the First Christian Church parking lot (1400 Washington Ave.) or at the Seventh-day Adventist Church (1901 Park Ave.); or in Marietta in the courtyard area at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Marietta (232 Third St.). After the strikes, MOVCA will give the donated shoes to local charity efforts.

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action’s Shoe Strike for Climate Justice is modeled on the Sko Strejk movement that started in Sweden and is now spreading to other parts of the world. The group plans to sponsor a third shoe strike in Marietta on September 25th, coordinated with a global climate action day organized by Fridays For Future. On September 25th, demonstrations and manifestations will take place all across the globe, all adjusted according to Covid-19 circumstances.

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate  Action focuses on raising awareness of the solid science establishing the danger of the climate crisis and the urgency of dealing with it. MOVCA supports the efforts of, and Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and is a Science Booster Club for the National Center for Science Education. The not-for-profit volunteer group also collaborates with other environmental groups on campaigns and events in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  For more information, visit the organization’s web page (

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