Suggested Readings for January 2023

MOVCA November – December 2022 Selected Media Postings

Compiled by Cindy Taylor

Appearing online in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel: 

November 29, 2022  Business Article, Staff Reports

“Mountaineer Gas, Hope Gas customers to see rate increase”

November 12, 2022  News Article

“Utility backs solar farm atop capped Kentucky coal ash pit”

Appearing on-line in the Charleston Gazette-Mail:  viewing available only to subscribers

December 24, 2022 Column by Eric Engle

“Eric Engle: Facts matter in addressing climate crisis”

See Energy and Environment Articles by Mike Tony

Appearing on WCHS TV:

December 12, 2022 Staff News report about Doddridge County, W. Va.

“Energy company announces location for $3 billion carbon capture project in West Virginia”

Appearing on-line on Ohio River Valley Institute :

December 19, 2022 REPORT by Kathy Hippie and Anne Keller  (Summary with link to download full report)

“Updated Economics for Virgin Plastics: Appalachian Petrochemicals Production Capacity Growth Prospects Dimming as Global Markets Shift”

November 14, 2022  Blog post by Joanne Kilgour

“Fact-checking Pennsylvania Politicians’ Blue Hydrogen Hype in the Wake of House Bill 1059”

Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or NPR:

December 22, 2022 Energy and Environment article by Curtis Tate  

“How Form Energy’s Batteries are Different And What It Means For Electricity”

December 12, 2022 Energy and Environment article by Curtis Tate  (Text and 0.51 audio)

“Doddridge County Selected As Site For Natural-Gas-Fired Plant”

Available from West Virginia Rivers:

November 2022  WV Rivers News:  Including:

“How to Meet Your Legislators in Your Home District” (with link to  webinar recording)

“Parkersburg Neighborhood Gathers to Imagine the Future”

“Proposed Methane Rule Would Benefit West Virginians”

Available on

December  2022  Explanation &  make public comment to Public Service Commission  

           RE: Docket: 22-0793 E-ENEC concerning Pleasants Power Plant

“Don’t let government regulators raise your rates – West Virginians for Energy Freedom”

Available from A-Z Tackling the Impacts of Plastic & Petrochemicals:

December 22, 2022 Posted by Mary Aquilera A-Z Tackling the Impacts of Plastic & Petrochemicals –

“Debriefing Our Climate Grief” presented by A-Z Tackling the Impacts of Plastic & Petrochemicals, cosponsored by Sierra Club Ohio & Indigenous Environmental Network, Climate Reality Pittsburgh and Between the Waters among others. Recording LINK:

NATIONAL ATTENTION & Relevant to our region:

Available on Science and Environmental Health Network:

November 21, 2022 Article by Dr. Sandra Steingraber, Senior Scientist, SEHN

“The Pore Space Beneath Our Feet: What We Mean When We Say Carbon Storage”

Available on

November 30  2022 Sustainable Energy Article by Anmar Fangoul

“Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act makes green hydrogen profitable at scale, Goldman Sachs says”

Available on

November 18, 2022  News Article by Michael Bleseckler and Michael Rubinkam, Associated Press

“Leak at Pennsylvania gas storage well spewing methane” Pennsylvania environmental regulators issued the company notice of five potential violations of state law.

Available on PHYS.ORG:

November 18, 2022  News Article by Michael Bleseckler and Michael Rubinkam, Associated Press

“Leak at Pennsylvania gas storage well spewing methane”   (links included in article)

November 17,  2022   Article by Jim Krane, The Conversation

“Why fixing methane leaks from the oil and gas industry can be a climate game-changer – one that pays for itself”

Available on Inside Climate News:

November  20, 2022 Article by Marianne Lavelle

“Soaring West Virginia Electricity Prices Trigger Standoff Over the State’s Devotion to Coal Power”

November 11, 2022 Article by Phil McKenna

“New EPA Proposal to Augment Methane Regulations Would Help Achieve an 87% Reduction From the Oil and Gas Industry by 2030”

Available on Common Dreams:

December 5, 2022  Article by Jon Queally

“Groups Warn Pelosi, Schumer Against Manchin ‘Dirty Deal’ in Pentagon Spending Bill”

         MOVCA was signature on the letter

December 2, 2022  Article by Brett Wilkins

“Fonda’s Fire Drill Fridays Returns to DC Street Over Manchin Dirty Deal”


Available on the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists:

December 16, 2022 Article by John Mecklin

“The Energy Department’s fusion breakthrough: It’s not really about generating electricity”

Available from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)  NCEI (National Centers for Environmental Information):

December 22, 2022 NCEI/NOAA News

December 2022 Regional Climate Impacts and Outlooks

December 14, 2022  NCEI/NOAA News

“Assessing the Global Climate in November 2022” Earth had it ninth-warmest November on record

Available on Scientific American:

December 8, 2022  Reprint of E & E News article by Camille Bond

“Renewables Are on Pace to Beat Coal as the Largest Power Source by 2025”

Available on Grist:

December 5, 2022 Article by Joseph Winters

“Congressional Democrats have a new plan to combat plastic pollution” Proposed legislation would limit plastic production and restrict new petrochemical facilities.

Available on MCEA (Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy):

November 2022 – January 2023 Mining the Climate Crisis webinar series.  Listing of webinars with link to recording

Available on Carbon Switch:

2022 REPORT  by Michael Thomas

“Are Heat Pumps the Most Overlooked Climate Solution?”

Available on Media Matters:

November 17, 2022 Article by Evlondo Cooper

“Despite Fox News’ claims to the contrary, voters are concerned about climate change”

Available on Inside Climate News:

December 27, 2022 Article by Charlie Miller

“Mathematical Alarms Could Help Predict and Avoid Climate Tipping Points” A new study finds that mathematical tools can find early warning signals that can accurately predict climate tipping points.

December 6, 2022 Article by Kristoffer Tique

“Society Can’t Slow Climate Change Without Reining in Big Tech, New Report Warns”

November 21, 2022 Article by Phil McKenna  

“Who Were the Worst Climate Polluters in the US in 2021?”

November 15, 2022 Article by Bob Berwyn

“At COP27, the US Said It Will Lead Efforts to Halt Deforestation. But at Home, the Biden Administration Is Considering Massive Old Growth Logging Projects”

Available on The Washington Post:

November 11, 2022 Article by Sarah Kaplan

“World has nine years to avert catastrophic  warming, study shows” Scientists say gas projects discussed at U.N. climate conference would seriously threaten world’s climate goals.

Available from Yale Climate Connections:

December 26, 2022  Article about new Guide by Yale Climate Connections Team

“New guide helps church communities respond to climate change” They can provide spiritual guidance, and in some cases, a physical sanctuary after a disaster.

December 21, 2022 Article by Erika Street Hopman

“What on Earth is a polar vortex? And what’s global warming got to do with it?” Meteorologist Bob Henson answers pressing questions about a chilly winter weather phenomenon.

November 11, 2022 Review by Michael Svoboda

“New reports spell out climate urgency, shortfalls, needed actions”  Eleven new climate reports detail the urgency of the problem, the shortfalls of current commitments, and new opportunities for action – just as the COP27 meeting in Egypt proceeds.

   Article includes a brief description of each of these reports and the links to free downloads:

UNEP’s Adaptation Gap Report 2022: Too Little, Too Slow – Climate Adaptation Failure Puts World at Risk

by Edith Adera et al. (United Nations Programme 2022)

Emissions Gap Report 2022: The Closing Window- Climate Crisis Calls for Rapid Transformation of Societies

by Juliane Berger et al. (United Nations Environment Program 2022)

See also: The State of Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere Based on Global Observations through 2021

by Global Atmosphere Watch (World Meteorological Organization 2022

State of Climate Action 2022

by Sophie Boehm et al. (World Resources Institute 2022)

See also: The State of Nationally Determined Contributions: 2022

by Taryn Fransen et al. (World Resources Institute 2022)

Extreme Heat: Preparing for the Heat Waves of the Future

by Greg Puley et al. (International Federation of Red Cross and Crescent Societies 2022)

The Coldest Year of the Rest of Their Lives: Protecting Children from the Escalating Impacts of Heat Waves

by United Nations children’s Fund and Data for Children’s Collaborative (UNICEF 2022)

The 2022 Report of the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change: Health at the Mercy of Fossil Fuels

by Marina Romanello et al. (Lancet 2022)

World Energy Outlook 2022

by World Energy Outlook Team (International Energy Agency 2022)

The Breakthrough Agenda Report 2022: Accelerating Sector Transitions Through Stronger International Collaboration

by Federico Bellone et al. (International Renewable Energy Agency 2022)

Climate and Development: An Agenda for Action – Emerging Insights from World Bank Group 2021-22 Country Climate and Development Reports    by Staff of the World Bank (World Bank 2022)

See also: Investing in Climate Disaster: World Bank Group Finance for Fossil Fuels

by Research Staff (The Big Shift Global 2022)

Loss and Damage Finance in the Climate Negotiations

by Anna Aberg and Nina Jeffers (Chatham House 2022)

The Land Gap Report

by K. Dooley et al. (The Land Gap Group 2022)

November 7, 2022 Energy Article by Bob Henson

“New Law provides hydrogen’s biggest boost yet”  The newly enacted Inflation Reduction Act will support a long-pondered technology some see a finally gaining momentum in a clean-energy future

Available online from The Guardian:

December 13, 2022 Article by Phoebe Weston and Patrick Greenfield

“What does ‘nature positive’ mean – and can it rally support to stop biodiversity loss?”

December 12, 2022 Article by Nicola Davis

“Breakthrough in nuclear fusion could mean Near-limitless energy’”

December 2, 2022 Article by Oliver Milman

“#Climate Scam: denialism claims flooding Twitter have scientists worried”

November 27, 2022 Article by Robin McKie

“ ‘We need a breakthrough deal on biodiversity’: can Montreal summit deliver for nature?”

November 24, 2022 Article by Jeremy Plester

“Could hemp be a key tool in fight against climate change?” The fast-growing plant is believed to be twice as effective as trees at absorbing and locking up carbon.

November 9, 2022 Climate Crisis article by Fiona Harvey

“Oil and gas greenhouse emissions ‘three times higher’ than producers claim”  Climate Trace reports half of 50 largest sources of greenhouse gas are oil and gas operations and many underreport their emissions.

Available from Climate Trace:

November 9, 2022 News Article  by Climate Trace, Independent Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tracking

“More Than 70,000 of the Highest Emitting Greeenhouse Gas Sources Identified in Largest Available Global Emissions Inventory”   Summary article with Links to map and data.

November 6, 2022 Climate Crisis article by Damian Carrington, Environmental editor

“Climate crisis: past eight years were the eight hottest ever says UN”   REPORT at Cop27 shows the world is now deep into the climate emergency, with the 1.5C heating limit ‘barely within reach’

Available from PV magazine:

November 8, 2022 Article by Ryan Kennedy about REPORT from US Dept. of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories

“Most new solar panels retain 80% production after 30 years”

Available on World Economic Forum:

November 7, 2022 Article by Stefan Ellerbeck  Text and 9-minute audio link to UN Climate Change Conference COP27

“COP27: 5 things to be hopeful about the climate summit and beyond”

Available from Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis:

Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2-3:20 ET Program by IEEFA with links to video, presentation slides, materials

“Green vs. Blue Hydrogen: Market, Tech, and Cost Realities”

Available from Vox:

November 10, 2022 Article by Neel Dhanesha

“A mountain, a tower, a thermos of molten salt. These are the batteries that could power our renewable future.” Climate change is pushing the power grid to the limit. Energy storage could help.

Available on-line:  oil & gas THREAT MAP:      

 The Threat Map is an excellent tool: Find out if your home or child’s school is in the oil & gas threat radius.


Available on Yale Climate Connections:

November 10, 2022 Article  by SueEllen Campbell

“Taking Climate Change . . .  with the kids”   These resources provide practical insights on discussing climate change with the kids … into whose hands the many challenges will fall.

  Article includes descriptions and links to these resources:

   “Climate change is here. These 6 tips can help you talk to kids about it” (Anya Kamenetz, NPR)

   “14 actually good books to teach kids about climate change” (Emily Barone and Kyla Mandel, Time)

   “How to talk to children about climate change” (Emma Pattee, Wired)

  “Your guide to talking with kids of all ages about climate change” (Lora Shinn, NRDC)

  The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution by Mary DeMocker, book author

   “How I talk to my daughter about climate change” (by Michelle Nijhuis, The Atlantic)

Recommended for Educators:

    “How to teach children about climate change” (Claire Seeley, BBC)


Available on PHYS.ORG:

November 16, 2022 Article by Bob Devine, University of Vermont

“Save the economy, save the planet, says sustainability expert”

 About new book The Progress Illusion: Reclaiming Our Future from the Fairytale of Economics by Jon Erickson (Dec. 2022)