Suggested Readings for March 2023

MOVCA February 2023 Selected Media Postings

Compiled by Cindy Taylor

Appearing in The Marietta Times:

February 25, 2023 Ohio News Article 

“Brockovich warns Ohio town of dangers after train crash”

Available on the Charleston Gazette-Mail (Available only to subscribers)

See Articles by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

Available on WTAP:

February 21, 2023 by Associated Press

“EPA orders Norfolk Southern to pay for cleanup in toxic Ohio train derailment”

February 16, 2023 by Mitchell Blahut

“Pleasants Co. officials more optimistic with House Resolution 12 passing”

February 12, 2023 Article by Chase Campbell of WTAP and video.  Eric Engle, MOVCA, is interviewed

“A blue hydrogen hub could be in store for West Virginia”

February 4, 2023 Associated Press News  article and video

“50-car train derailment caused big fire, evacuations in Ohio”

Available on WPXI-TV News (Pittsburgh):

February 17, 2023 Feature local article by Cara Sapida

“Pitt scientist with experience studying vinyl chloride shares concerns following train derailment”

Appearing on-line on Ohio River Valley Institute :

February 23, 2023 Article by Nick Messenger

“An Overview of the Norfolk Southern Train Derailment and Hazardous Chemical Spill in East Palestine, Ohio”

February 16, 2023 Article by Ben Hunkler

“The East Palestine train derailment is petrochemical harm at its worst. For the industry, it’s a cost of doing business”

Available  on-line on WV Rivers:

February 2023  Water Policy News: Sixth Update of the 2023 Session

February 23, 2023 Webinar Recording: Hydrogen Lunch and Learn

“Blue Hydrogen Webinar Recording”

February 16, 2023 Webinar Recording: Public Lands Lunch and Learn

“Webinar Recording: Four Facts and Three Concerns about Your West Virginia Public Lands”

February 9, 2023 Webinar recording available

“Webinar Recording: Methane, Climate Change, and an Opportunity to Comment on Proposed EPA Regulations”

Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or WVXU or NPR:

February 27, 2023  Energy and Environment Article by Shepherd Snyder  Text and Audio link

“State Lawmakers, Advocates Set To Act on ‘Forever Chemicals’”

February 27, 2023 WVPB Staff- Curtis Tate speaks with Jesse Richardson, WVU Land Use and Sustainable Law Clinic

“A Look At Chemical Leaks, Train Derailments And PFAS On This West Virginia Morning”  Audio link and summary:

February 27, 2023 Associated Press Article

“Contaminated waste shipments from East Palestine derailment are set to resume”

February 27, 2023 Article by Emily Kwong, M. Cirino & R. Ramirez with 11min audio featured on Short Wave 

“How the EPA assesses health risks after the Ohio train derailment”

February 25, 2023 Article by Karen Kasler, Statehouse News Bureau

“The Ohio Senate sets a hearing on the toxic train derailment to hear from state officials”

February 24, 2023 Energy and Environment Article by Curtis Tate

“Justice Signs Bill To Bring Form Energy Battery Plant to Weirton” Text and audio link.

February 18, 2023 Climate article by Miranda Green in collaboration with Floodlight, nonprofit environmental org.

“An activist group is spreading misinformation to stop solar projects in rural America”

NATIONAL ATTENTION & Relevant to our region & RESOURCES

Available on EPA, United States Environmental Protection Agency:

 February 2023 beginning Report 2/7/23 continuously updated by EPA’s On-Scene Coordinator

 “East Palestine Train Derailment” with links to documents, data, Fact Sheet, map etc:

Available on COUNTERPUNCH:

February 24, 2023 Article by Greg M. Schwartz, award-winning investigative reporter

“Demanding Transparency in East Palestine, Ohio”

Available on The New York Times: continues to cover OH Train Derailment, example below

February 17, 2023  Article by Christine Hauser

“After the Ohio Train Derailment: Evacuations, Toxic Chemicals and Water Worries”

February 1, 2023 Climate feature by Nadja Popovich and Elena Shao

“This Guide Can Help You Save Money and Fight Climate Change”

Available on CNN:

February 27, 2023 News Article by Alisha Ebrahimji, CNN

“It’s been 3 weeks since a freight train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed in Ohio. Here’s what’s happened since”

Available online from The Guardian:

February 25, 2023 Article by Carey Gillam co-published w. New Lede, journalism project of the Environmental Working Group

“Revealed: the US is averaging one chemical accident every two days”

February 24, 2023 Environment article by Oliver Milman and Aliya Uteuova

“Parts of US see earliest spring conditions on record: ‘Climate Change playing out in real time’”

February 24, 2023 Agriculture article by Judith Matloff

“Hemp: the green crop tied down by red tape in the US”

February 23, 2023 Article by Rachel Salvidge and Leana Hosea

“What are PFAS, how toxic are they and how do you become exposed?”

January 18, 2023 PFAS Article by Tom Perkins (omitted from last month’s listing)

“Freshwater fish more contaminated with ‘forever chemicals’ than in oceans” Study also says eating one serving of fish with PFAS could be equivalent to drinking contaminated water every day of month”

Available on Science and Environmental Health Network:

February 15, 2023  Ted Schettler, MD, SEHN science director discusses topic with The Network editor

“Incorporating the Best Available Science in Chemical Regulation: We Should Not Expect Less”

February 15, 2023 Article by Kelsey Breseman, Civic Science Fellow, EDGI (Environmental Data & Governance Initiative)

“EDGI and the Right to Trust our Environmental Health”

Available on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Facts:  (site administered by the Science and Environmental Health Network)

See  for links to articles and links to media resources:

Available on-line:  oil & gas THREAT MAP:      

 The Threat Map is an excellent tool: Find out if your home or child’s school is in the oil & gas threat radius.

Available on Inside Climate News:

February 21, 2023 Fossil Fuels Article by Liza Gross

“Fracking Wastewater Causes Lasting Harm to Key Freshwater Species”

February 19, 2023 Clean Energy article by Wyatt Myskow

“Disposed to Fossil Fuel Companies. Now, the Lands Are Being Offered to Solar Companies”

February 17, 2023 Science Article by Bob Berwyn

“Scientists Examine Dangerous Global Warming ‘Accelerators’” A new study categorizes climate feedback loops and the possibility they could push the climate past planetary tipping points.

February 14, 2023 Justice article by Delaney Dryfoos & Victoria St. Martin

“Indoor Pollutant Concentrations Are Significantly Lower in Homes Without a Gas Stove, Nonprofit Finds”

Available from Yale Climate Connections:

February 22, 2023   Article by Neha Pathak

“Climate change is increasing the risk of infectious diseases worldwide”

February 21, 2023 Book Review by Michael Svoboda

“Book review: Greta Thunberg tells it like it is in ‘Climate Book’”

February 2, 2023 Book recommendations by Michael Svoboda

“New and recent books about climate and environmental justice” Collectively, these 12 books argue that the only sustainable future is a fair and equitable one – and that climate activism must also engage in social activism.