Suggested Readings for August 2023

MOVCA Selected Media Postings July 2023 (and a few articles omitted from last report)

Compiled by Cindy Taylor

Appearing online in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel: 

July 20, 2023 Editorial

“GreenPower: Electric bus program shows positive savings”

Appearing on-line on WTAP:

July 31, 2023 Feature by Chase Campbell text and video (Dr. Eric Fitch, Marietta College interviewed)

“Regional impacts of climate change: What does climate change mean for the Mid-Ohio Valley?”

July 31, 2023 Feature by Sam Gottfried

“Athens makes drastic reductions in carbon emissions”

July 27, 2023 Feature by Chase Campbell Text and video (Eric Engle interviewed)

“U.S. Supreme Court permits construction of Mountain Valley Pipeline”

July 18, 2023 Feature by Chase Campbell

“Regional advocates encourage federal funding Ohio River Restoration”

July 2, 2023 Feature by Chase Campbell Text and video

“Local advocate shares tips for having a Plastic Free July”

July 1, 2023 Feature by Laura Bowen   Text and video

“Local meeting breaks down energy-related issues”

Available on WTRF- 7 Newsbreak:

July 12, 2023 Feature by John Lynch  Text and video

“Gas released from well in Ohio Valley; 450 people evacuated”

Available on the Charleston Gazette-Mail: 

See articles by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter: 

July 27, 2023  Article by Mike Tony, Energy and Environment Reporter

“Gasping for air: State oversight triggers EPA disapproval, air quality advocate frustration in asthma-heavy WV”

July 27, 2023  Article by Mike Tony, Energy and Environment Reporter

“Supreme Court chief justice clears way for Mountain Valley Pipeline construction to resume”

July 18, 2023 Article by Mike Tony, Energy and Environment Reporter

“Coal-fired Pleasants Power Station closer to hydrogen switch after purchase agreement signed, county commissioner says”

July 15, 2023    Article by Mike Tony, Energy and Environment Reporter

“ ‘We have to move on’: WV leaders pushing state flood risk upward by favoring resource extraction over climate action”

Available on Ohio Capital Journal:

July 28, 2023 Article by Susan Tebben

“Wind farm project allowed to go forward after Ohio Supreme Court ruling”

July 28, 2023 The Rundown Article by Jacob Fischler

“Democrats push more resilient, lower-carbon infrastructure at U.S. Senate climate hearing”

July 21, 2023 Article by Kathiann M. Kowalski (First appeared on Energy News Network)

“Declaring natural gas ‘green energy’ in chicken bill violated Ohio constitution, groups argue”

July 18, 2023 Article by Kathiann M. Kowalski (First appeared on Energy News Network)

“Ohio commission considers state park drilling requests under expedited timeline”

July 10, 2023 Article by Kathiann M. Kowalski (First appeared on Energy News Network)

“Hydrogen, nuclear among winners in last-minute changes to Ohio budget bill”

Available on The Allegheny Front:

July 28, 2023 Article by Julie Grant

“Ohio Activists Join National Groups to Deliver Petition to EPA to Ban Vinyl Chloride”

July 7, 2023 Article by Julie Grant  text (Aaron Dunbar, MOVCA, is quoted)  and audio link

“Activists Rally to Prevent Fracking Under Ohio’s Largest State Park”

Available on Public News Service:

June 29, 2023 Feature by Nadia Ramiagan, Producer

“WV Among Top States for Public Harms from Fossil Fuels”

Available on Save Ohio Parks:

July 29, 2023 Article by Randi Pokladnik

“Activists Are Just Citizens Who Care About Ohio’s Parks”

July 21, 2023 Article by Ben Hunkler

“Ohioans are on the Fence About Fracking, Why is the State Pushing for More Drilling on Public Lands?”

July 23, 2023 Opinion piece by Austin Warehime (originally published in The Daily Jeffersonian on July 23rd)

“Eastern Ohio Must Fight to Preserve Natural Resources, Stop Salt Fork Fracking”

July 12, 2023 Article by Cathy Cowan Becker

“Two Eastern Ohio Oil and Gas Accidents Highlight Hazards of Fracking State Parks, Wildlife Areas”

July 5, 2023 Article

“Meet The Oil and Gas Land Management Commission”

July 2, 2023 News feature about anti-fracking rally with photos (Randi Pokladnik and Aaron Dunbar are featured)

“Save Ohio Parks and Allies Rally to Fight Against Fracking at Salt Fork State Park”

   July 5, 2023 an abbreviated version of this article also appears in The Times Leader:

Available on-line on WV Rivers  :

July 26, 2023  Webinar Recording

“Legislative Update & Advocacy that Works”

June 29, 2023  Information from  WV Rivers’ “Pipeline Visual Assessment Training”- links to recording and resources

Appearing on-line on Ohio River Valley Institute

July 25, 2023 REPORT by Claire Kovach, Stephen Herzenberg, Amanda Woodrum, and Ted Boettner

“Targeted Employment: Reconnecting Appalachia’s Disconnected Workforce”

July 20, 2023 Article by Ben Hunkler, ORVI

“Ohioans are on the fence about fracking. Why is the state pushing for more drilling on public lands?”

July 6, 2023 ORVI staff report

“True Transition: If RGGI Goes Into Effect, Pennsylvania Should Use Its Proceeds to Make PA Fossil Fuel Workers and Communities Whole”

Appearing on-line on ReImagine Appalachia:

August 1, 2023 Coalition Biweekly Lunchtime Update:

Learn about the Appalachian Sustainable Potential Map

July 25, 2023 Event- Panel discussion Annie Regan, ReImagine Appalachia moderator, with Kimberly Ishmael, Policy Campaign Coordinator at Community Farm Alliance and Lindsey Shapiro, Pasa Sustainable Agriculture.

“Instagram Live: How Can We Support the Farm Bill?”

July 25, 2023 Event- Article with description of speakers, link to recording, presentations, report and resources

“Targeted Employment – Re-Connecting Appalachia’s Disconnected Workforce: Report Launch”

July 10, 2023    Article by Violet Affleck and Dana Kuhnline with link to download toolkit

“Check out our New Toolkit: Bringing the Farm Bill to Your Farmers Market”

June 28, 2023 Part 3 of ReImagine Appalachia’s Communications Workshop.  Recording available

“Creating Engaging Zoom Webinars”

Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or WVXU:

 July 27, 2023 Article by Curtis Tate     Text and audio

“’It’s Over.’ Supreme Court Has Had Final Word On Pipeline, Capito Says”

July 25, 2023 Article by Curtis Tate   Text and audio

“FERC Approves Transfer Of Pleasants Power Station To Omnis Technologies”


Available from Center for Biological Diversity  

July 31, 2023  Press Release Nina Bell, Northwest Environmental Advocates & Hannah Connor , Center for Biological Diversity

“EPA Petitioned to Update 47-Year-Old Toxic Pollutant List”

Available on

July 28, 2023 Press Release

“Anger and Shock as ExxonMobile announces Further Profits Amidst Soaring Temperatures and Energy Prices”

July 27, 2023  Press release

“ Responds to U.S. Supreme Court Allowing Construction to Continue on the Mountain Valley Pipeline”

Available on

July 3, 2023 Article by Judith Enck, President, Beyond Plastics

“Plastic’s Health Impacts Are Becoming Impossible To ignore”

Available from Beyond Plastics:

July 27, 2023 Press Release     Contacts – Melissa Vallient and Judith Enck, Beyond Plastics

“Environmental Leaders Deliver 27,570 Petition Signatures to EPA Calling for Ban on Vinyl Chloride”


Available on Environmental Working Group (EWG):  (missing from June report)

June 28, 2023 News Release

“EWG applauds Biden EPA’s historic $7B investment in low-income residential solar”

Available on United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

June 30, 2023 Press Release  (missing from June report)

“U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy Announce Partnership to Provide More than $1 Billion to Reduce Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Sector”

July 13, 2023 (updated)  EPA’a site Investing in America

“EPS Funding Announcements from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act”

Available on The Guardian:

July 31, 2023 Environment article by Oliver Milman

“One man his drone: ‘My hope is to shut down the coal industry’

July 25, 2023 Climate crisis opinion feature by Rebecca Solnit

“We can’t afford to be climate doomers”

 July 10, 2023  Environment article by Guardian staff and agencies

“ ‘Unchartered territory’: UN declares first week of July world’s hottest ever recorded’”

July 6, 2023 Article by Guardian staff and agencies

“UN says climate change ‘out of control’ after likely hottest week on record”

July 5, 2023 Climate Crisis article by Damien Gayle
“Tuesday was world’s hottest day on record-breaking Monday’s record”

July 5, 2023 US news article by Stephen Starr in Fayette county, WV

“From coal to kayaking: West Virginia’s miners turn to tourism to pay the bills”

July 4, 2023 Climate Crisis article by Fiona Harvey, Environment editor

“Improving soil could keep world within 1.5C heating target, research suggests”

Available on Common Dreams:

July 7, 2023 Article by Jessica Corbett

“ ‘Nothing Short of Outrageous’: Attorneys for Youth Climate Plaintiffs Blast Biden DOJ”

July 3, 2023 Article by Olivia Rosane

“ ‘We’ve Run Out of Time’: Experts and Activists Urge Climate Action Amid Summer of Extremes”

Available on E&E News ENERGYWIRE:

July 7, 2023 Article by Carlos Anchondo, Jason Plautz, & Zach Bright

“EPA says carbon capture is within reach. Utilities aren’t biting.”

Available on Inside Climate News:

July 31, 2023 Science Article by Keerti Gopal

“Mike Huckabee’s “Kids Guide to the Truth About Climate Change” shows the Changing Landscape of Climate Denial”

July 29, 2023 Politics & Policy Article by Kathiann M. Kowalski

“New Report Card Shows Where Ohio Needs to Catch up in Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions”

July 25, 2023 Politics & Policy article by Bob Berwyn

“This Summer’s Heatwaves Would Have Been ‘Almost Impossible’ Without Human-caused Warming, a New Analysis Shows”

July 5, 2023  Clean Energy article by Kathiann M. Kowalski

“Country’s Largest Grid Operator Must Process and Connect Backlogged Clean Energy Projects, a New Report Says”

    See June REPORT by Noah Strand, Policy Associate American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)

July 4, 2023 Science article by Bob Berwyn

“June Extremes Suggest Parts of the Climate System Are Reaching Tipping Points”

July 2, 2023 Fossil Fuels article by James Bruggers

“Little Publicized but Treacherous Methane From Coal Mines Upends the Lives of West Virginia Families”

Available on Science & Environmental Health Network:

July 17, 2023 Article by Sandra Steingraber, SEHN senior scientist

“The RePercussion Section: On Fracking and Food, Part 2: Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia”

July 2023 Article by Peter Montague, SEHN Fellow

“Goals for Ending the Climate Emergency: A letter to My Friends”

Available on Climate Emergency Declaration:

June 24, 2023 posting

“Climate emergency declarations in 2,336 jurisdictions and local governments cover 1 billion citizens”

Available from Yale Climate Connections:

July 28, 2023 Review by Samantha Harrington

“Yale Climate Connections book club: Centering hope and possibility”

July 26, 2023 Review by Michael Svoboda

“For this smoky summer, 12 new books and reports on wildfires”

July 14, 2023 Article text and audio  by YCC team

“Activist Bill McKibben rallies adults over age 60 to fight for climate action” McKibben’s organization, Third Act, organizes seniors to write letters, hold sit-ins, and more.

  See also June interview with McKibben:

  June 20, 2023 Article/Interview by Bridget Ennis

“What baby boomers can do about climate change, according to Bill McKibben”

July 12, 2023 Article by Jeff Masters

“How fast are the seas rising?”