Suggested Readings for July 2021

June 2021 MOVCA Selected Media Postings Compiled by Cindy Taylor Appearing online in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel: June 21, 2021 Community News, staff report “Out MOV invites community to Parkersburg celebration” June 15, 2021 Local News… Read More

Climate Corner: Making better choices

Jun 26, 2021 Nenna Davis My awareness of human impact on the environment began during a conversation with my grandpa when I was a child. At dinner he was discussing the banning of DDT pesticides and how… Read More

Engle: The house is on fire; will we stop lighting matches? (Opinion)

WV Gazette Mail 6/24/2021 As the White House and Congress discuss infrastructural investments, including green energy and sustainability, and ideas like tax code changes to pay for them, the time to act on the global climate crisis is… Read More

MOVCA promotes ‘WV3C’ webinars during transition

Jun 24, 2021 Marietta Times PARKERSBURG — Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action’s usual Third Thursday programs will resume when protocols for safe, in-person, indoor public programs are clearly established. Until then, MOVCA is pleased to attend and promote the… Read More

Moving on from coal without abandoning miners

Charleston Gazette MailBy Jim Probst Jun 21, 2021“Change is coming whether we seek it or not. Too many inside and outside the coalfields have looked the other way when it comes to recognizing and addressing specifically what that… Read More

Health Effects from Fossil Fuel Combustion

by Duane Nichols on June 19, 2021 Fossil Fuels are Causing Public Health Effects One in Five Premature Deaths Result from Fossil Fuels From Living On Earth, PRX, Air Date: Week of June 18, 2021 Fine particulate matter… Read More

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Corner: The kids are alright

Jun 19, 2021 Angie Iafrate Teach your children well. This is sound advice to which we can all sing along thanks to 1970s folk rock, but speaking as both a parent and a former high school teacher,… Read More

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Corner – Remembering the value of trees

Local columns  Jun 12, 2021 Linda Eve Seth My mother, a wise and unconventional woman, was in many ways far ahead of her peers and her times. Back in the 1950s, our urban N.J. home was surrounded… Read More

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Corner – It’s time to THRIVE

Local columns  Jun 5, 2021 Eric Engle To quote Johan Rockstrom, Vice-Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, “An emergency is calculated by risk divided by time. Risk… Read More

Emissions – What level?

Jun 5, 2021 Warren Peascoe What is the proper amount of emissions to allow from industrial and chemical plants and how are emissions traded for jobs? I was appalled when I compared what West Virginia’s Department of… Read More