Climate Corner: Climate change played a role in Winter Storm Elliott

Dec 31, 2022 Randi Pokladnik Some will use the recent cold weather event to claim climate change is not real and the planet isn’t warming. But, when one looks at the actual science behind these “Arctic bomb… Read More

Climate Corner: It doesn’t make cents

Dec 24, 2022 Eric Engle The continued use of fossil fuels coal, oil and “natural” (methane) gas for energy and product production increasingly does not make sense or cents. There’s really no other way to look at… Read More

Climate Corner: Many faiths, many paths to climate action

Dec 17, 2022 George Banziger For many people the commitment to address climate change derives from their strongly held personal faith. Many faith traditions refer to their respective holy scripture to document the case for treating the… Read More

Students Help Fight Climate Change

Anna Earl, Editor The PHS JournalDecember 16, 2022 Three students have been named Climate Ambassadors by the Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action group. This opportunity was offered to high school students across the Mid-Ohio Valley and was ultimately offered… Read More

Climate Corner: Celebrating failure

Dec 10, 2022 Aaron Dunbar Coca-Cola Presents: COP27 took place last month in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, presumably scheduled between the annual Foxes Guarding Henhouses Convention and Lockheed Martin’s World Peace Extravaganza 2022. About as much was… Read More

Climate Corner: Diversity is the spice of life

Dec 3, 2022 Vic Elam OK, so I took a little liberty with this common axiom, but I will make the case. It has been repeatedly shown that an environment that maintains its native diversity is healthier… Read More

Climate Corner: Climate change – as American as apple pie?

Nov 26, 2022 Linda Eve Seth “Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.” — Jane Austen *** What does Climate Change have to do with apple pie? I am sitting in my kitchen… Read More

Climate Corner: Is going nuclear really the right option?

Nov 19, 2022 Randi Pokladnik As the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) meetings wrap up in Egypt, citizens around the world realize that we can no longer base our economies on carbon fuels. Many nations… Read More

Climate Corner: Public policy must do better

Nov 12, 2022 Eric Engle A recent piece in The Washington Post included the fact that, “Carbon dioxide concentrations in 2021 were 415.7 parts per million (or ppm), methane at 1908 parts per billion (ppb) and nitrous… Read More

Climate Corner: Time to end unhealthy relationship with fossil fuels

Nov 5, 2022 George Banziger I appreciate fossil fuels. They heated my various homes over the years, got me to my office every day during my work life, took me on several exciting vacations, and gave me… Read More