Climate Corner: Transition to renewable energy — environmental and economic renewal

Jul 29, 2023 George Banziger A recurrent myth in the Mid-Ohio Valley is that the transition to renewable energy from fossil fuels has to be painful and fraught with job loss, economic decline, and sacrifice. This assumption… Read More

WV needs leaders who will move past fossil fuels (Opinion)

By Eric Engle Jul 26, 2023 Charleston Gazette-Mail 窗体顶端 窗体底端 While homes and businesses in states like Florida, California and Louisiana become uninsurable from the effects of climate change, the fossil fuel industry contributing most to the climate… Read More

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action examines health impact of plastics

Jul 25, 2023 PARKERSBURG — Using less plastic is better for the envvironment and people’s health, according to a retired research chemist speaking at the July 20 meeting of Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action. Randi Pokladnik, a retired… Read More

Climate Corner: Wildfires and air quality monitoring

Jul 22, 2023 Jonathan Brier Have you noticed hazy skies or the news about the Canadian wildfires, which are causing air quality concerns here in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Wildfires are intensifying and can be tied to 88… Read More

Climate Corner: Baked Alaska?

Jul 15, 2023 Linda Eve Seth “To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.” — John Muir, naturalist *** Alaska is on the front lines of the climate crisis…. Read More

Now is the second-best time to act on climate (Opinion)

By Eric Engle Jul 13, 2023 Charleston Gazette-Mail The hottest days on Earth dating back approximately 125,000 years have all occurred in the recent week between July 4 and July 10, according to data from the University of… Read More

Climate Corner: Eliminate single-use plastics, starting now

Jul 8, 2023 Eric Engle Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Corner (Photo Illustration/MetroCreative) This month, Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action (MOVCA) is observing plastic-free July, a global event coordinated by the Plastic Free Foundation to reduce and eventually eliminate the… Read More

Group kicks off month-long ‘Break Free from Plastic’ campaign

The Marietta Times Jul 3, 2023 PARKERSBURG — Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action’s campaign promoting alternatives to single-use, disposable plastics began Saturday. “We’re inviting everyone to join us as we try to make July plastic-free this summer,” said Adeline… Read More

Climate Corner: Generation Z speaks out

Jul 1, 2023 Jean Ambrose    I recently participated in a national conversations project — Local Voices for a Fair Workforce Transition — that seeks to better understand the life experiences of those in communities most reliant on… Read More