Climate Corner: Methanol facility a bad idea for valley

May 8, 2021 Eric Engle The company West Virginia Methanol, Inc. submitted a permit application in November 2020 to build a facility in Pleasants County on a former carbon black site along the Ohio River. The West… Read More

Climate Corner: Back the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act

May 1, 2012 George Banziger Parkersburg News and             Recently in the U.S. House of Representatives the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act was re-introduced into the 117th Congress. The EI&CD Act (HR 2307) is not a… Read More

Climate Corner: Why ‘better living through chemistry’ is not always true

Apr 24, 2021 Randi Pokladnik Parkersburg News and “Better living through chemistry” was a marketing slogan used by the DuPont company in the 1930s. Chemical companies continue to make good use of advertising to convince Americans that… Read More

Climate Corner: Bigfoot and the big lie

Apr 17, 2021 Aaron Dunbar Parkersburg News and Sentinel I write a lot about climate change, given that it’s one of the greatest existential threats ever faced by humanity. But my first true love has always been for… Read More

Climate Corner: Time for Appalachia to THRIVE

Apr 10, 2021 Eric Engle Parkersburg News and Sentinel Lobbyists and industry representatives in the fossil fuels industries, including Greg Kozera with Shale Crescent USA, like to claim that the industries are all about good-paying jobs, prosperity, and… Read More

Climate Corner: Finding common ground on climate change and the economy

Apr 3, 2021 George Banziger Parkersburg News and Sentinel The Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action slogan, “save the grandchildren,” has special meaning to me and my commitment to climate action. I have only two grandchildren, both of whom are… Read More

Climate Corner: The real cost of plastics

Mar 27, 2021 Randi Pokladnik Plastic manufacturers want us to believe that our lives would not be complete without plastics. While there are beneficial applications for plastics, our reliance on single-use plastics, which make up 40 percent… Read More

Climate Corner: Climate myths and misconceptions

Mar 20, 2021 Aaron Dunbar Several months ago I participated in a public outdoor event with Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action. At some point in the afternoon, a gentleman walking his very lovely dog through the area stopped by… Read More