Climate Corner: An Earth Day to celebrate

Apr 27, 2024 Callie Lyons Earlier this month, we received unprecedented news regarding PFAS when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced enforceable drinking water limits on two forever chemicals — specifically PFOA (or C8) and PFOS. After… Read More

Climate Corner: Investigating your environment

Nov 18, 2023 Callie Lyons Every time I consider Diane Cotter’s story, I am encouraged. Diane is the person who identified the turnout gear used by firefighters as a major source of exposure to toxic chemicals —… Read More

The Teflon Time Machine – from the Manhattan Project to the Mid-Ohio Valley

Sep 2, 2023 Callie Lyons The years between World War I and World War II were full of innovation, technological advances, and scientific growth. Many modern inventions — or the perfection of modern inventions — take root… Read More

Climate Corner: Still everywhere

Jun 17, 2023 Callie Lyons Why are we still talking about C8? I am often asked if our chemical problems aren’t behind us. So much time has passed since the Tennant family lost their cattle to contamination… Read More

Climate Corner: Becoming prepared for the next disaster

Apr 1, 2023 Callie Lyons We have seen it happen time and again. Shell, IEI, train derailments like East Palestine, untold environmental accidents and disasters – and each of them a threat to our homes, our families,… Read More

Climate Corner: Your water is not all right

Jan 14, 2023 Callie Lyons When is DuPont going to provide a means of filtering Parkersburg water supplies contaminated with highly fluorinated chemicals like those we call C8 or Gen-X? Twenty years ago this coming June, I… Read More