Climate Corner: Finding reliable climate information on YouTube

Jun 22, 2024 Jonathan Brier YouTube and other media have reliable information, but finding it relies on critical thinking and reviewing who presented and what bias might they have or incentives to mislead, the same way books… Read More

Climate Corner: How my life changed driving a used EV

Apr 6, 2024 Jonathan Brier In October 2023 I wrote “Electrify The MOV it just makes cents” and said I would buy an EV. Little did I know I would find a used EV with 20k miles… Read More

Climate Corner: An innovation opportunity in 2024

Dec 23, 2023 Jonathan Brier Action on climate and the environment shouldn’t be political, it is a business opportunity which when objectives and values are aligned in the business model can be good for the environment too…. Read More

Climate Corner: Electrify the MOV, it just makes cents

Oct 7, 2023 Jonathan Brier Electrification can be more economical and provides health and environmental benefits too. Why am I focusing on electrification? Last week was National Drive Electric Week (Sept. 22-Oct. 1) and we are entering… Read More

Climate Corner: Wildfires and air quality monitoring

Jul 22, 2023 Jonathan Brier Have you noticed hazy skies or the news about the Canadian wildfires, which are causing air quality concerns here in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Wildfires are intensifying and can be tied to 88… Read More

Climate Corner: Trust me (you?); we collect the data

May 6, 2023 Jonathan Brier My name is Jonathan Brier, I’m a resident of Marietta and an information scientist, but I started as a citizen scientist as a teenager. I didn’t know what I was doing would be called… Read More