Guest column/Fracking, hunting don’t mix — lease should be denied

Nov 4, 2023     Herald Star RANDI POKLADNIK Many hunters are entering wooded areas in Ohio in search of deer, turkey and pheasants. Among the most popular places to hunt are Ohio’s public lands, especially parks and wildlife areas in… Read More

Climate Corner: Save Ohio parks

Oct 21, 2023 Randi Pokladnik On Friday, Oct. 27, at noon, Save Ohio Parks will be holding a rally for Ohio State Parks, Climate and Democracy. When HB 133 passed back in 2011, Ohio’s Republican legislators made… Read More

Guest column/Democracy denied at oil, gas commission meeting

Herald-Star Sep 29, 2023 RANDI POKLADNIK On Sept. 18, about 75 Ohio citizens traveled from all over the state to attend the Oil and Gas Land Management Commission meeting. The meeting was to decide if thousands of acres… Read More

Climate Corner: Two new innovative developments for renewable energy and jobs

Aug 19, 2023 Randi Pokladnik My family has strong ties to the steel industry. My paternal grandmother “flipped tin” during the 1950s and 1960s to check for tinplate defects. My dad was a millwright at Wheeling-Pitt. He… Read More

It is time the public gets scientifically based facts

August 14, 2023 Dr. Randi Pokladnik The Letter to the Editor, Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with a politician and a few local business owners about the oil and gas industry. Those who supported fracking… Read More

Don’t frack Ohio’s parks

This letter to the editor was originally published in The Bargain Hunter on June 22, 2023. By Randi Pokladnik As of May 30, oil and gas companies can “nominate” land parcels within citizen-owned state parks and forests to obtain… Read More

Climate Corner: Women, the environment and health issues

Jun 3, 2023 Randi Pokladnik In 1974, a new term, ecofeminism, was used when speaking of women’s roles in the environmental movement. The definition of ecofeminism combines ecological concerns with feminist concerns in a philosophical and political… Read More

Throwing us under the fracking truck

May 13, 2023 Times Leader online Randi Pokladnik Ohio’s Republican party is ignoring the health of residents in Appalachian counties as it uses the recent passage of House Bill 507 to enable fracking on Ohio’s public lands. HB… Read More

Climate Corner: Fracking Ohio’s public lands

Mar 18, 2023 Randi Pokladnik Ohio HB 507 was rushed through the “lame duck” session without any public comments. This bill, which facilitates fracking on our public lands, becomes a law on April 7. Once that happens,… Read More

No — natural gas is not really green energy

Feb 25, 2023 Herald Star RANDI POKLADNIK During the recent lame duck session, Ohio’s predominantly Republican Legislature and Gov. Mike DeWine rushed to pass HB 507. The amended bill prohibits communities from banning pesticides within city borders and allows… Read More