Month: January 2018

Energy’s future is not the past

Jan 7 2018 Letter-to-the-Editor by Eric Engle,Parkersburg, WV The Parkersburg News and Sentinel As of Dec. 29, the Trump administration officially repealed a 2015 rule that set standards on hydraulic fracturing on federal land. According to The Hill:… Read More

Weather is not climate

Jan 7 2018 Letter-to-the-Editor by George Banziger, Marietta, OH The Parkersburg News and Sentinel The eastern portion of the U.S. is experiencing a severe cold snap. Those who deny the irrefutable pattern of scientific facts for human-induced climate… Read More

Man-made global warming is real and coal is dead

Jan 6 2018 Letter-to-the-Editor by non-member Allan Tweddle, Charleston Charleston Gazette-Mail Congratulations on the article “US releases major report,” and especially on the front page above the fold. As one who has been trying to help West Virginia… Read More

Resist This Regime

December 3, 2017            Letter-to-the-Editor Submitted by Eric Engle, Parkersburg I’m not usually one to dabble in hyperbole, but I don’t think it’s the least bit hyperbolic to say that America is being “governed” by a fascist regime. As I write… Read More

Let the market decide the nation’s best energy options

December 2 2017  Opinion column  by Jim Probst, state coordinator for WV Citizens Climate Lobby Charleston Gazette- Mail Thank you to Daily Mail Opinion for its Nov. 20 editorial headlined “Tariffs threaten growing solar power industry.” In it, the Daily… Read More


Nov. 18, 2017 Letters-to-the-Editor by David Ballantyne, Newport, OH The Marietta Times I would like to thank the Leadership of the City of Marietta for installation of Solar Panels on the roof of the Municipal Court Building at… Read More

Our Leaders Must Make Conservation a Priority

Dec. 22 2017 Letters-to-the-Editor by James Andrew Clovis, St. Marys, WV The Marietta Times On Dec. 4, President Trump announced he would drastically reduce two of America’s treasured National Monuments: Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante. Bears Ears contains… Read More

Coal on the Rebound

Dec. 17 2017 Letter-to-the-Editor by Michael Ireland, Parkersburg, WV The Parkersburg News and Sentinel An early report shows a slight rise in West Virginia coal purchases as the holiday season begins. One analyst (me) thinks that reveals what… Read More

Coal and Gas in Appalachia

Dec. 10 2017 Letters-to-the-Editor by Ron Teska, Belleville, WV The Parkersburg News and Sentinel We lost our spring when Consol energy plugged a gas well to longwall mine. We lost our water well due to EQT Corporation plugging… Read More

Lets Move Forward

Dec. 3 2017 Letters-to-the-Editor by Judith Peascoe, Vienna, WV The Parkersburg News and Sentinel At the time the implementation of the Clean Power Plan is being debated and comments are being taken in Charleston, W.Va., regulators are debating… Read More