Nov. 18, 2017 Letters-to-the-Editor by David Ballantyne, Newport, OH The Marietta Times I would like to thank the Leadership of the City of Marietta for installation of Solar Panels on the roof of the Municipal Court Building at… Read More

Clean Power Plan

Letter from Don Lowe in Sun. 19 Nov. N&S: Speak out on Clean Power Plan 19 Nov 2017 — The Parkersburg News And Sentinel On Nov. 28 and 29, the U.S. EPA will hold a public hearing in… Read More

I’m In

From Giulia Mannarino in Sun. 19 Nov. N&S: Support Paris Agreement 19 Nov 2017 — The Parkersburg News And Sentinel The U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreement will not stop the rest of the world from… Read More

Change and Consequences

I’m sure many people have been sharing the growing uneasiness I have felt this year as one extreme weather disaster after another pounded the U.S. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Marie were each in their own way unprecedented: bigger,… Read More