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From Giulia Mannarino in Sun. 19 Nov. N&S:

Support Paris Agreement
19 Nov 2017 — The Parkersburg News And Sentinel
The U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreement will not stop the rest of the world from continuing to advance toward a clean energy future. The global community is negotiating how to achieve goals set in this historic document at the United Nations annual Conference of the Parties (“COP23”) taking place in Bonn, Germany. Since Syria recently decided to sign this accord, the U.S. is now the only country in the world not supporting it!

The current administration is denying the existence of this problem and is busy rolling back regulations, cutting budgets and weakening climate policies. (By the way, the only public hearing being held in the nation by the EPA regarding repeal of the Clean Power Plan is scheduled in Charleston, W.Va., on Nov. 28 and 29.) No other political party on the planet rejects the international scientific community’s consensus that global warming is both caused by humans and poses a profound threat to civilization.

A not-well-known fact is that the U.S. withdrawal won’t take effect until Nov. 4, 2020, which happens to be the day after our next presidential election. However, in the meantime, Donald Trump does not represent the will of the countless American people, including the majority of Americans in every state, who support the Paris Agreement and believe in climate action. There is something you can do to help protect our country’s involvement in this important pact that is meant to curb carbon pollution and avoid the worst impacts of climate change before it’s too late.

You can add your name as someone who supports the goals of the Paris Agreement by joining the “I Am Still In” movement at iamstillin.org/. U.S. states, cities, businesses, investors, universities, faith based groups and other entities across the country are collaborating to continue to work toward the goals of the agreement. They’re still in and you can be too. Tell our leaders and the 194 countries committed to the Paris Agreement that you personally support the Paris Agreement. Stand with people everywhere in the fight against climate change and commit to creating a clean, just energy future together despite the U.S. political climate.

Also, everyone is welcome to help build our local volunteer climate movement by getting involved in Mid Ohio Valley Climate Action.

Giulia Mannarino


“Support Paris Agreement” The Parkersburg News And Sentinel 19 Nov 2017: A5