Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action launches PSA contest

Parkersburg News & Sentinel Sep 3, 2018

PARKERSBURG — Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action has organized a contest for students to develop a public service announcement about climate change.

The environmental advocacy group is encouraging high school and college students to develop an announcement of 25 seconds or less about the danger of climate change and the urgent need for action in the Appalachian region.

“Over the last year, MOVCA looked to air PSAs already done by other groups, but they were not relevant to our area, or there were too many restrictions on using them,” said Jean Ambrose, a vice chairman of the group. “We ended up creating one ourselves — and we’re still proud to show it — but we also liked the idea of a contest inviting area students and AV staff and faculty to create a PSA on climate change. This year, thanks to a grant from the Dunn Foundation, we are able to make it happen and offer prizes for winning PSAs in both video and audio formats.”

Ambrose said that Phase I of the contest includes cash prizes for the top three submissions in both video and audio categories.

The first-place video creators will be awarded $500, second place will receive $300 and third place $200. Audio awards are $250 for first place, $150 for second place, and $100 for third place, she said.

The contest rules and requirements have been distributed to schools and colleges through communications instructors.

Video or audio PSAs of 25 seconds or less must be submitted for review by Oct. 15 when judges will look at the quality and accuracy of the entries. Those approved will move to Phase II of the contest to compete on social media for the most views for an additional prize.

Giulia Mannarino, co-vice chairman, said the contest information form includes a list of readily available resources participants can consult so their PSAs accurately communicate the facts and science of climate change. A script including citations of sources for statements made must be submitted with the PSA.

“We hope to see and hear PSAs that tell us global warming is real, it’s caused by human activity, it’s urgent that we act against it, and that there are solutions out there right now,” Mannarino said.

The PSAs are to be directed to the Appalachian region and the Mid-Ohio Valley community at large, “so we are looking for elements that depict or reflect our area, “ Ambrose said. “We want these short messages to communicate ideas about climate change that our community needs to engage with, think through, and act upon.”

To download the full contest requirements and application forms, go to https://main.movclimateaction.org and click on the PSA contest menu item. Questions about the contest rules or application procedures should be directed to Ambrose at 304 679-3970 or to jeanambrose8@gmail.com.