Why Not Turn to Wind?

Why not turn to wind?

Sep 16, 2018 Parkersburg News and Sentinel Wayne Dunn

After reading Del. Frank Deem’s letter “Why turn to wind?” I felt very concerned for West Virginia for having elected officials so out of touch with science and reality. Not understanding the world we are moving into and not pushing hard for a more diverse economy that opens the opportunities into the future merely drags West Virginia down, while other states are moving ahead economically.

Coal is not and cannot responsibly be a part of our country’s distant future. Though it once served us well, its pursuit will likely spiral West Virginia downward. Mr. Deem states that we should not pursue wind electricity in West Virginia because we have coal, oil and gas. He apparently gets his “science” from the fossil fuel industry. Real science has conclusively shown a catastrophic future if we pursue coal, oil and gas electricity instead of sun, wind, nuclear, geothermal, etc. … anyone heard of human caused climate change? Rather than wind energy being three times as expensive as fossil fuels, utility scale wind/sun farming have dropped prices to nearly that of fossil fuels, and are far below fossil fuel costs in many parts of the world.

Though we have much gas available, coal in West Virginia is not price competitive within the U.S. Once 6-foot seams of coal are now 2- to 3-foot seams. Add another $3-4/ton to clean the dirt from these shallow seams. Shall we again mention the huge health, infrastructure and environmental costs that the fossil fuel industry puts on the backs of taxpayers? It’s time to move on.

President Obama’s Clean Air Act was a well thought out, science-backed effort to improve our health, well-being and environment. Its goal for cars of 54 mpg by 2025 would help cut living costs and improve health for all of us. Keeping car gas mileage at 37 or less mpg, as our present leaders want, merely costs citizens. So, who is looking after your interests? Mr. Deem’s plan will certainly cost us more and degrade health in even the very near future. Electricity will be more expensive with his plan. Check the science.

If we want a healthier, happier and less expensive society, then our policies and direction must be based on good information.

Dr. Wayne Dunn

Past County Commissioner

Mineral Wells