Many questions regarding fracking facility still need to be answered

August 5, 2020 in The Marietta Times by George Banziger

On Aug. 7 from 5-6:30 p.m. there will be a virtual public meeting regarding the application from Deep Rock Disposal Solutions LLC of Marietta to build a facility just outside Marietta on the Ohio River to offload “traditional well waste” (of hydraulic fracturing or fracking) from barges. This application was submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Huntington WV office), which is sponsoring the meeting. There are many unanswered questions about this application that need to be addressed before it is approved.

Many of these questions relate to the safety, security, health, and environment of residents of the Marietta area. Among them are:

¯ What is meant by “traditional well waste?” I am aware that 99% of what goes into fracking wells is water, but with one million gallons going into each well, the 1%, which contains toxic substances like arsenic, lead, mercury, benzene, hardly amounts to teaspoon quantities. Furthermore, the water involved is salt brine and can be radioactive.

¯ The waste materials, once offloaded, are going to be transported via an old pipeline. Has its integrity been tested, how can leaks be detected, how often will it be inspected? Where is the terminus to this pipeline?

¯ What happens to the fracking waste when it gets to the terminus of the pipeline?

¯ According to the application there is a 90-foot walkway/pipeway from the barge offload site. Does that pipeway pose any risk to the waters of the Ohio River?

¯ What is the safety review process for the transport and offloading of these waste materials?

Concerned residents of the Marietta area may have other important questions about this proposed facility. I would urge all those concerned to RSVP to the virtual public meeting by sending an e-mail message to: and put “RSVP 7 August Public Meeting” in the subject line (give your full name, e-mail address and phone number in the message).To submit a question for the public meeting before the event send an e-mail message to the same address with “Question for 7 August Public Meeting” in the subject line (with your name and phone number).