Open discourse is encouraging

The Parkersburg News and Sentinel

By Wayne Dunn
Apr 3, 2021

After debating with one of my friends about letters to the editor, I realized that a letter should be written to the editor for her encouraging a broadened free speech platform in the editorial and opinion pages of The Parkersburg News and Sentinel. The paper has enhanced reader knowledge by presenting columnists that cover both conservative and progressive ideas. All of us should think critically and it should be taught in society. When critical thinking is applied to different ideas, we have an improved probability of making better decisions and getting better outcomes.

I have not subscribed to this paper for over six years because of the one-sidedness of the past, and because of a personal experience with the newspaper. However, my friend now subscribes, and I plan to resubscribe.

Most businesses that are looking for a new location want a dynamic encouraging and progressive community. I feel that Parkersburg has not had that mindset for a long time. Hopefully, the newspaper’s improvement in science and fact dissemination will plant better seeds for harvest in our community’s future. Thank you!