Suggested Readings for November 2022

MOVCA October 2022 Selected Media Postings

Compiled by Cindy Taylor

Appearing on-line in the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

October 27, 2022  Energy and Environment article by Mike Tony

“Feds take input on $1 billion program for rural energy upgrades, including microgrids eyed for larger populations in WV”

October 20, 2022  Energy and Environment article by Mike Tony

“WV environmental groups press case challenging DEP water quality certification for Mountain Valley Pipeline”

October 14, 2022  Energy and Environment article by Mike Tony

“West Virginia faces toxic aftermath of industrial water pollution as Clean Water Act turns 50”

October 13, 2022  Energy and Environment article by Mike Tony

“House speaker touts nuclear option for WV amid transition from coal”

October 8, 2022  Energy and Environment article by Mike Tony

“Amid high industry-fueled health risks, WV officials objected to tighter methane regulations with new EPA rule in pipeline”

October 7, 2022  Energy and Environment article by Mike Tony

“Nation’s largest gas well owner says DEP agreement shields it from plugging responsibility in WV landowner lawsuit”

October 3, 2022 Energy and Environment article by Mike Tony

“West Virginia eyes electric vehicle infrastructure buildout with $45 million plan”

Appearing on WTAP:

October 28, 2022  Article by Cathy Bussewitz

“Oil giants rake in record profits amid high energy prices”

Appearing on-line on Ohio River Valley Institute :

October 13, 2022 Research article by Sean O’Leary

“Inflation & Natural Gas: A Disease and its Carrier”

October 12, 2022 Article by Ben Hunkler

“Industry is Misleading the Public on Carbon Capture, Internal Documents Show”

October 4, 2022 Article by Ben Hunkler

“ORVI Makes Waves at the 2022 Global Clean Energy Action Forum”

Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or NPR:

October 27, 2022 Climate Article by Lauren Sommer and 3min. audio heard on All things Considered

“Here’s how far behind the world is on reining in climate change”

October 26, 2022 Associated Press Climate Article

“Greenhouse gases reach a new record as nations fall behind on climate pledges”

October 24, 2022 Investigative Report by Laura Sullivan. Text and 4 min. audio heard on All Things Considered

“Recycling plastic is practically impossible- and the problem is getting worse”

October 18, 2022  Climate Article  by Juanpablo Ramiriz-Franco & Eva Tesfaye

“Mississippi River Basin adapts as climate change brings extreme rain and flooding”

October 17, 2022 Business article by Dave Mistch Text and 7-Minute Audio (heard on All Things Considered)

“Coal companies use bankruptcy and asset transfers to shed obligations”

October 14, 2022 News article by Alexa Beyer/Ohio Valley ReSource

“The Biden administration has yet to finish a key review of mountaintop removal’s health impacts”

Available from West Virginia Rivers:

October 19, 2022 Article by Morgan King, climate campaign coordinator

“Climate is on the ballot this November”

October 12, 2022 Article with link to take Action: Send Comments to the EPA on Toxic PFAS by November 7, 2022

“EPA: Designate Toxic PFAS as Hazardous Substances”

See WV Rivers Climate Video Library: “Learn more about climate change and its impacts and solutions by exploring gallery of videos, webinars, forums and press conferences.” Includes links to 2022 Climate Candidate Forums; Webinars; WV Climate Alliance Videos; and WV Rivers Climate & Water Webinar Series.

October 25, 2022 Dunbar: Energy, Jobs, & Justice: Candidate Forum, West Virginia State University

October 2, 2022 Morgantown: Energy, Jobs, & Justice: Candidate Forum, West Virginia University

September 13, 2022 Huntington: Energy, Jobs, & Justice: Candidate Forum, Marshall University

Available on West Virginia Center on Climate Change (WV3C):

News: Webinar Programs are Successful! Links provided to webinars.

October 3, 2022 Hybrid program at U. of Charleston, WV

“2022 and the Climate Crisis – What Happened , and What’s Ahead?”

NATIONAL ATTENTION & Relevant to our region:

Available from FrackCheckWV:

October 12, 2022 Article by Randi Pokladnik

“Plastics Industry is Promoting Bogus Recycling Schemes: Another False Solution for Plastic Pollution”

Available online from The Guardian:

October 23, 2022  Article by Nina Lakhani

“Exposure to environmental toxins may be root of rise in neurological disorders” Doctors warn exposure to omnipresent yet poorly understood chemicals such as microplastics could play role in dementia.

October 12, 2022 Article by Tom Perkins

“US firms exploiting Trump-era loophole over toxic ‘forever chemicals’” Study finds chemical companies dodging federal law designed to track how many PFAS plants are pumping into environment

Available on Inside Climate News:

October 16, 2022 Fossil Fuels Article by Jon Hurdle

“Environmentalists Fear a Massive New Plastics Plant Near Pittsburgh Will Worsen Pollution and Stimulate Fracking” Shell facility opening soon has been granted a permit to emit more volatile organic compounds than the Clairton Cole Works, a notorious polluter.


Available from CIEL (Center for International Environmental Law):

October 2022:  Article about CIEL’s new REPORT with links to the report, executive summary and explanatory video

Fossils, Fertilizers, and False Solutions: How Laundering Fossil Fuels in Agrochemicals Puts the Climate and the Planet at Risk

Available on The

October 31, 2022  Analysis by Vanessa Montalbano

“For Gen Z voters, combating climate change is top of mind”

October 10, 2022 Analysis by Maxine Joselow with research by Vanessa Montalbano

“Half of voters say climate change is important in midterms, poll finds”

Available on Climate Central:

October 11, 2022  Climate Matters summary of REPORT

“Billion-Dollar Disasters in 2022”

Available from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)  NCEI (National Centers for Environmental Information):

October 11, 2022  Overview of REPORT from NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

“Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters”

Available from WATERKEEPER Alliance:

October 18, 2022   Waterkeeper Alliance Press Release about PFAS STUDY

“Unprecedented Analysis Reveals PFAS Contamination in U.S. Waterways Shows Shocking Levels of Contamination”

Available on PV magazine:

October 27, 2022  Article by Beatriz Santos

“New solar capacity 10 times cheaper than gas, says Rystad”

October 17, 2022 Article by Ryan Kennedy

“Rooftop wind energy innovation claims 505 more energy than solar at same cost” BASF is currently testing Aeromine Technologies’ patented motionless wind-harvesting system.

Available on The New York Times:

October 19, 2022  Future of Transportation Article by Eric A. Taub

“E.V.s Start With a Bigger Carbon Footprint. But That Doesn’t Last.” The manufacturing and disposal of electric vehicles result in more greenhouse gasses than nonelectric models, but that difference will eventually disappear altogether.

Available on UPI:

October 26, 2022 Science News Article by Daniel J. Graeber

“NASA satellites identify more than 50 methane ‘super emitters’” NASA found several huge plumes of methane using imagery technology installed on the International Space Station

Available on NASA’s Global Climate Change:

October 25, 2022 Article by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – media contacts: Andrew Wang and Jane J. Lee

“Methane ‘Super-Emitters’ Mapped by NASA’s New Earth Space Mission”

October 12, 2022 Article by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – media contacts: Andrew Wang and Jane J. Lee

“NASA Dust Detective Delivers First Maps From Space for Climate Science” Measurements from EMIT, the Earth Surface Dust Source Investigation, will improve computer simulations researchers use to understand climate change.

Available on Common Dreams:

October 23, 2022 Article by Andy Rowell

“Ahead of COP27, Big Oil Climate Denial More Potent Than Ever”

Available online from The Guardian:

October 30, 2022 Science Article in The Observer by Robin McKie

“Cop27 climate summit: window for avoiding catastrophe is closing fast”

Available on Yale Climate Connections:

October 28, 2022 by YCC Team

“U.S. coal use is falling, but some communities still bear pollution burden” A recent study of 11 states finds that natural gas plants are disproportionately located in communities of color and low-income areas. Text and 1:30 min. audio

October 28, 2022 Commentary by Kathleen Dean Moore

“Commentary: How a quiz helps people find their preferred role in climate action” Part personality, part decision tree, part choose-your-own-adventure, a new tool aims to help people find the climate action best suited for them.

October 2, 2022 Article by Kathleen Dean Moore and SueEllen Campbell

“What can YOU do about climate change? Take this quiz to find out.“ Everyone has a special role in the struggle for a stable climate. What’s yours? The authors offer some questions to help you find it.


Announced on Yale Climate Connections (YCC):

October 24, 2022  Article and 1:30 audio by YCC Team. Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media

“New Book helps parents have ‘the climate talk’ with kids” It stars a squirrel named Coco.