Suggested Readings for April 2023

MOVCA Selected Media Postings March 2023 – April 1, 2023

Compiled by Cindy Taylor

Appearing in The Marietta Times:

March 8, 2023 Local News

“MOVCA presentation on Inflation Reduction Act rescheduled”

Appearing online in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel: 

March 28, 2023 Business article by Isabella O’Malley, Associated Press  Links to N & S and AP below.

“U.S. renewable energy surpassed coal in 2022” (N&S has abbreviated version of AP article)

March 9, 2023  Local News    Staff report

“Driver dead in brine truck crash on I-77”

March 8, 2023 Local News

“MOVCA presentation on Inflation Reduction Act rescheduled”

March 4, 2023 Column by Aaron Dunbar

“Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Corner: ‘Silent Spring’ may be inevitable”

Available on the Charleston Gazette-Mail o

See Articles by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

April 1, 2023  Op-Ed by Eric Engle

“Eric Engle: Say ‘no’ to Pleasants Power Station sale” (Opinion)

Available on Public News Service:

March 15, 2025  Environment Feature produced by Nadia Ramlagan

“Scientists Sound Alarm on Fracking Near Muskingum, OH Watershed”

             Randi Pokladnik, environmental scientist and member of MOVCA, is quoted

Appearing on-line on Ohio River Valley Institute

March 27, 2023 Article by Ted Boettner

“ORVI in Southeastern Louisiana to Learn about a True Transition for Oil & Gas Workers”

Available on West Virginians For Energy Freedom

“The Proposed Pleasants Power Station bailout is unpredictable and risky for West Virginia electric customers”

Available  on-line on WV Rivers:

March 30, 2023 Rail Safety Legislation

March 27, 2023 Recording: Conversation on Headwaters

March 15, 2023  Water Policy News: 2023 Session Wrap-Up

Appearing on-line on  ReImagine Appalachia: Check out all past events here:

Upcoming events:

April 13, 2023 12:00 – 1:00  Community Event (Zoom) Description and registration link

“Solar-Powered Faith Communities and Houses of Worship: Saving Money and Ethical Labor”

April 12, 2023 12:00 – 1:00 Community Event (Zoom) Description and registration link

“Social Media 101 Training”

March 30, 2023 Blog Article by Rick Rothenstein with links to opportunities

“Exciting Federal Funding Opportunities For Environmental and Climate Justice”

March 25, 2023 10:00- 11:00a.m. Community Event (Zoom) Description and links to recording and resources

“Labor Women Who Lead”

March 23, 2023 12:00- 1:00 Community Event (Zoom) Description and links to recording and resources

“From Fridge to Furnace: Energy Efficiency for Your Buildings and Community”

March 9, 2023 12:00pm -1:00pm Community Event (Zoom)-  Description and links to recording and resources

“Environmental Justice for All: Ensuring Equity Across Our Most Climate-Impacted Communities”

Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or WVXU or NPR:

March 28, 2023 Feature by Isabella O’Malley, Associated Press

“Electricity generated from renewables surpassed coal in the U.S. last year”

March 16, 2023 Article by Curtis Tate   Text and audio

“During Christmas Freeze, Coal Units Were Offline at 2 Plants, Data Show”

Available on Environmental Health Project:

March 3, 2023 Personal Narrative: Tina Curry-Bashioum

Available on Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services:  

See Community Democracy Resources & Tools:

See Ambassador Community 

 April 20, 2023 10-4pm in Parkersburg, WV


Available on Associated Press:

March 31, 2023 Article by John Seewer

“Justice Department sues Norfolk Southern over derailment”

March 2, 2023 Article by Cathy Bussewitz

“Carbon dioxide emissions reached record high in 2022”

Available on Inside Climate News:

March 17, 2023 Politics and Policy article by James Bruggers

“How to ‘Make Some Good’ Out of East Palestine, Ohio Disaster? Ban Vinyl Chloride, Former EPA Official Says”

Available on DeSmog:

March 7, 2023 Article by Dana Drugmand

“Following Ohio Derailment, Concerns Arise Over Expansion of Rail and Pipeline Transport of Hazardous Material” Experts warn that a growing network of carbon dioxide pipelines are dangerous and under-regulated

Available from Science Direct:

March 2023 Environmental Research article by Nadia Barbo, Tasha Stoiber, Olega V. Naidenko, David Q. Andews

“Locally caught freshwater fish across the United State are likely a significant source of exposure to PFOS and other perfluorinated compounds”

Available on Science and Environmental Health Network

March 27, 2023  Networker: Keeping Track of Trains

 “The rePercussion Section: Plastic Train” by Sandra Steingraber, SEHN senior scientist

“Why Our Trains Are Toxic: The Dioxin Backstory” by Peter Montague, SEHN Fellow

Available online from The Guardian:

March 28, 2023 Article by Melissa Davey

“Plastics cause wide-ranging health issues from cancer to birth defects, landmark study finds” First analysis of plastics’ hazard over life cycle- from extraction to disposal- also shows ‘deep societal injustices’ of impact

March 22, 2023  Article by Brian Kahn

“A radical climate strategy emerges: charge big oil firms with homicide”

March 21, 2023 Article by Fiona Harvey, Environment editor  

“Eight things the world must do to avoid the worst of climate change” Latest IPCC report highlights key measures countries must take to avoid climate catastrophe.

March 21, 2023 Article by Samuel Gilbert (Tucson, Arizona) 

“ ‘A living pantry’: how an urban food forest in Arizona became a model for climate action”

March 20, 2023 Article by Fiona Harvey, Environment editor

“Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late” IPPC report says only swift action can avert irrevocable damage to world.

March 19, 2023 Climate Crisis Article by Oliver Milman

“ ‘We have money and power’: older Americans to blockade banks in climate protest”

March 17, 2023 Article by Tom Perkins

“Levels of carcinogenic chemical near Ohio derailment site far above safe limit”  EPA scientists assessed a dioxin cancer risks threshold in 2010, but a federal cleanup is only triggered at far higher levels.

March 6, 2023  Greenhouse gas emissions article, by Damian Carrington, Environment editor

“Revealed: 1,000 super-emitting methane leaks risk triggering climate tipping points”

March 2, 2023 Article by Fiona Harvey, Environmental Editor

“CO2 emissions may be starting to plateau, says global energy watchdog

Available on Canary Media:

March 10, 2023 Article by Julian Spector & Maria Virginia Olano

“Chart: Clean energy to make up 84% of new US power capacity in 2023”


Available from IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change): 

March 20, 2023  New REPORT released

AR6 Synthesis Report: Climate Change 2023

See also links to previous working group reports:

Synthesis Report, Climate Change 2023 Synthesis Report

Available from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis:

March 9, 2023 Article by Dennis Wamsted about new REPORT with links to download report

“Fossil fuels fail reliability test”

Available on EPA, United States Environmental Protection Agency: 

Feb – March 2023 Report beginning 2/7/23 continuously updated by EPA’s On-Scene Coordinator

 “East Palestine Train Derailment” with links to documents, data, Fact Sheet, map etc:

Available from Rewire America

See a great calculator on what you can save in IRA tax credits and rebates.

“YOUR  SAVINGS CALCULATOR: How much money can you get with the Inflation Reduction Act?”

Available from Appalachian Solar Finance Fund  Supported by Appalachian Regional Commission’s POWER Initiative.

The Solar Finance Fund (SSF) provides grants and technical assistance to unlock the economic development potential of otherwise viable solar projects that face barriers unique to Central Appalachia. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, public entities and local businesses that serve as community anchors.

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Available from Yale Climate Connections:

March 21, 2023 Article by Christopher Bonasia

“U. S. can shift to EVs without widespread, destructive mining, report finds”

Available from The Washington Post:

March 6, 2023 Interactive Article by John Muyskens, Shannon Osaka, and Naema Ahmed

“U.S. home heating is fractured in surprising ways: Look up your neighborhood” The split shows that much of the South, and rural America, could ditch fossil fuels easier that big cities and the coasts.

Available on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Facts:  (site administered by the Science and Environmental Health Network)

See  for links to articles and links to media resources:

Available on-line:  oil & gas THREAT MAP:      

 The Threat Map is an excellent tool: Find out if your home or child’s school is in the oil & gas threat radius.


Also from Yale Climate Connections: 

March 6, 2023 Article by Jeff Masters and Bob Henson

“With global warming of just 1.2° C, why has the weather gotten so extreme?”

March 2, 2023 Arts and Culture article by Daisy Simmons

“10 of the best climate change documentaries to see in 2023” These films screened at the recent Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Available from HEATED:

March 17, 2023 Feature by Arielle Samuelson and Emily Atkin
“The truth about Big Toilet Paper”