Suggested Readings for September 2023

MOVCA Selected Media Postings August 2023 (and a few articles omitted from last report)

Compiled by Cindy Taylor

Appearing online in The Marietta Times:

August 10, 2023 Local News article  by Nancy Taylor, Staff Reporter. Article also in N&S (8-12-23) link below.

“SAI Tech shows Marietta 90-day Progress”

Appearing online in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel: 

August 19, 2023   Business article, Staff Report

“Group asks EPA to deny West Virginia authority over carbon storage projects”

Available online on WTAP:

August 29, 2023 Feature by Chase Campbell   text and video

“EPA rolls back wetland protections following SCOTUS decision on Clean Water Act”

August 20, 2023 Feature by Chase Campbell   text and video

“Groups raise concerns as W.Va. hydrogen project picks up steam”

August 11, 2023  Associated Press

“EPA weighs formal review of vinyl chloride, toxic chemical that burned in Ohio train derailment”

August 9, 2023 Feature by Chase Campbell

“SAI.TECH powers up research center in Marietta”

Available on the Charleston Gazette-Mail: 

See articles by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter: 

August 31, 2023 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“New solar surcharge to raise Mon Power and Potomac Edison bills amid ratepayer advocate alarm over utilities’ net metering plan”

August 30, 2023 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

Saved From An Uncertain Future, Pleasants Power Station Is Reactivated”

August 30, 2023 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“Mountain Valley Pipeline developer subsidiary’s pipeline expansion project construction underway in Wetzel County”

August 16, 2023 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“Officials dismiss concerns to approve $62.5M loan for Mason County hydrogen project”

August 14, 2023 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“Some differences between planned Mason County hydrogen facility up for $62.5M state loan and past ‘high impact’ projects”

August 10, 2023 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“Mon Power, Potomac Edison ratepayers still on the hook for Pleasants Power Station costs”

August 10, 2023 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“Meeting to consider forgivable $62.5M loan for Mason County hydrogen production and carbon capture project scheduled”

August 7, 2023 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“Flood resiliency law funding not provided for deluge-prone WV in Justice’s special session call”

August 3, 2023 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“Pleasants Power Station sale complete as new ownership plans coal, hydrogen and graphite for plant’s future”

Available on Ohio Capital Journal:

August 24, 2023 Article by Susan Tebben

“Study: Shale gas boom ‘failed to deliver’ prosperity for Appalachia”

August 10, 2023 Article by Allison Winter

“USDA’s climate grants for farm and forests run into Republican buzzsaw”

Available on Save Ohio Parks:

August 24, 2023 Announcement about Saturday Sept 23rd meeting organized by Concerned Citizens of Ohio

“Salt Fork Town Hall to Discuss Fracking and More”

August 12, 2023  Article by Melinda Zemper

“Save Ohio Parks Releases Music Video to Fight Fracking”

August 4, 2023 Article by Melinda Zemper

“Ohio’s Marcellus Shale Ranks Second in U.S. Greenhouse Gases, Fourth Worldwide”

Available on the WV Climate Alliance:

August 16, 2023 Press release by Morgan King, WV Rivers Coalition

“WV Groups Support the Inflation Reduction Act as a Good First Step”

Available on West Virginians for Energy Freedom:

August 2023  About issue of Net Metering and link for petition to sign

“Power companies have a plan to kill solar in West Virginia

Available on West Virginia Environmental Council (WVEC):

August 29, 2023 WVED Action Alert by WV Citizen Action Group

“WV to NY: March for Climate Justice”

August 24, 2023 WVEC Action Alert by Solar United Neighbors

“Urgent Action: Stop the Attack on Solar in West Virginia”

Available on-line on WV Rivers  :

See August West Virginia Rivers News and updates

Appearing on-line on Ohio River Valley Institute

August 22, 2023 Article by Sean O’Leary about new REPORT with link to download

“FRACKALACHIA UPDDATE: Peak Natural Gas and the Economic Implications for Appalachia”

August 21, 2023 Article by Ted Boettner

“Getting Unions Connected to Orphaned Well Clean Up: A Second Bite at the Apple”

August 21, 2023 Article by Ted Boettner

“The Unemployment Gap in Appalachia”

August 17, 2023 Article by Eric de Place and Julia Stone  text and 8:01 minute audio

“Appalachia is Likely the Largest Source of Methane Emissions in the US”

Appearing on Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services:

August 30, 2023 Article by Tina Perez, Fair Shake Legal Intern

“Pleasants Power Station – Potential Permits and Approvals Needed for Pyrolysis Plans”

Appearing on-line on ReImagine Appalachia:

August 23, 2023 Webinar on Zoom

“Climate Smart Agriculture: Impacts from The Affordable Clean Energy Plan”

August 22, 2023 Description of upcoming October 5th Listening Session with link to register

“Listening Session: ReImagining Shuttered Coal Plants”

August 29, 2023 Article by Sionainn Rudek with description of Spring webinar organized by ReImagine Appalachia’s Faith Action group. Links to resources and recording provided.

“Environmental Justice for All: Ensuring Equity and Benefits Across Our Most Climate-Impacted Communities”

August 16, 2023 Article by Rike Rothenstein, Research Associate for ReImagine Appalachia

“Appalachian Success Stories From Climate Infrastructure Funding”

August 10, 2023  Annie Regan presents summary of New Report with link to recording of press conference

“New Report: Re-Connecting Appalachia’s Disconnected Workforce through Targeted Employment’

August 1, 2023 Coalition Biweekly Lunchtime Update:

Learn about the Appalachian Sustainable Potential Map

July 31, 2023  Article about Event with description of speakers, link to recording, presentations…

“Solar-Powered Faith Communities and Houses of Worship: Saving Money and Ethical Labor”

Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or WVXU:

August 29, 2023 Environment article by James Doubek

“The EPA removes federal protections from most of the country’s wetlands”

August 1, 2023 Energy and Environment article by Caroline MacGregor

“W.Va. Produced Ray Of Life Solar Kits Headed To Ukraine”

August 1, 2023 Article by Josh Funk AP

“Norfolk Southern changes policy on overheated bearings, months after Ohio derailment”

August 1, 2023 Energy and Environment article by Curtis Tate

“Capito, Republican Senators Ask EPA To Scrap Proposed Power Plant Rules”

Available on The Allegheny Front:

August 25, 2023 Article by Rachel MeDevitt about series on climate change. Links to audio recordings.

“What Can One Person Do About Climate Change? Climate Solutions will help you get started”


Available on E&E News ENERGYWIRE: (politico

August 18, 2023 ENERGYWIRE Article by Carlos Anchondo   (MOVCA is signature and Eric Engle quoted)

“EPS oversight of CO2 injection wells stirs debate”  Two letters to the agency this week highlight a dispute over whether Stages can adequately and safely oversee injection wells critical for carbon capture technology.

Available on DeSmog:

August 16, 2023 Article by Sara Sneath

“Industry Plans Thousands of Miles of New Gas Pipelines to Boost LNG Exports”

Available from FrackCheckWV: 

August 4, 2023 Article by Tom Bond  (from article by Nadia Ramiagan, Ohio News Service, August 1, 2023)

“UPDATE – Ohioans Skeptical That More Fracking Will Bring Benefits”

August 3, 2023 Essay on Regional & Global Impacts by Randi Pokladnik

“The Effects from Fracking Ohio’s Parks Reach Far Beyond the State”’s-parks-reach-far-beyond-the-state/

Available on Fractracker Alliance

August 31, 2023 Article by Erica Jackson with links to map and data

“How Spills, Holes, and Cracks Release Fracking Chemicals into the Environment”

Available on Common Dreams:

August 16, 2023 Article by Jake Johnson

“Kids Who Live Near Fracking Sites Are Up to 7 Times More Likely to Develop Lymphoma: Study”

August 4, 2023 Article by Brett Wilkins

“Cardiovascular ER Visits Plunged After Pittsburgh Coal Plat Shut, Study Finds”


Available from Our Children’s Trust Youth v. Gov

August 14, 2023 Press Release

“Sweeping Constitutional Win for Held v. State of Montana Youth Plaintiffs”

Available from NASA:

August 24, 2023 Press Release

“NASA Shares First Images from US Pollution-Monitoring Instrument”

August 14, 2023 Press Release
“NASA Clocks July 2023 as Hottest Month on Record Ever Since 1880”

Available on BIG THINK:

August 3, 2023 Feature by Frank Jacobs    Text with maps and audio. (Great explanation of ocean currents.)

“No, the Gulf Stream isn’t going to collapse”

Available on PHYS.ORG:

August 24, 2023 Article by Roland Lloyd Parry, Marlowe Hood

“Top science publisher withdraws flawed climate study”

Available on

August 31, 2023 Press release

“National Cleanup Day Returns on September 16th

August 23, 2023 Article by Rodolfo Beltran

“The Interconnection of Health, Environment, and Climate Education”

August 16, 2023 Planet vs. Plastics Article by Grace Higgins

“You are What You Eat: Plastics in our Food”

August 2, 2023 Feature by Aidan Charron
“60 x 40”: A Global Wave to Halt Plastic Production and Save Our Planet”

July 31, 2023 Press Release

“Planet VS. Plastics: Global Theme for Earth Day 2024”

July 31, 2023  Planet vs. Plastics Feature by Eryn Gold
“Extended Producer Responsibility: A Solution or a Checked Box?

July 31, 2023 Feature by Lindey Helwagen

“Fast Fashion and Its Devastating Impacts on Forests Revealed”

July 21, 2023 Feature by Lindey Helwagen  
“Life in Plastic, It’s Not Fantastic’

Available on

August 24, 2023 Press Release by

“Groundbreaking Documentary “Esto es Fracking” by Exposes Devastating Impacts of Oil and Gas Expansion in Argentina”

August 18, 2023 Article by Melanie Smith

“What we can Learn from Maui about Decolonizing Wildfire Response”

August 17, 2023  Article by Matilda Borgstrom

“Another summer of broken heat records, But we know what we need to do”

August 1, 2023 Press Release about event happening November 3rd and  4th, 2023

“Global Days of Action To Power Up Renewables”

Available on The Guardian:

August 23, 2023  Extreme Weather article by Richard Luscombe

“Record heatwave persists in US as 130 million under alerts in 22 states”

August 23, 2023  Fossil Fuel article by Ajit Niranjan

“G20 poured more than $1tn into fossil fuel subsides despite Cop26 pledges – report”

August 21, 2023 Environmental Activism article by Ajit Niranjan

“Anger is most powerful emotion by far for spurring climate action, study finds”

August 14, 2023 Article  by Helena Horton, Environmental reporter

“Dead flies could be used to make biodegradable plastic, scientists say”

August 11, 2023 Article by Oliver Milman

“Green investment boom and electric car sales: six key things about Biden’s Climate bill”

August 7, 2023  Article by Andrew Gregory, Health editor

“Air pollution linked to rise in antibiotic resistance that imperils human health”

August 7, 2023 Article by Dharna Noor and Kristi Swarth of Floodlight

“US utilities oppose Biden efforts to make gas power plants cleaner”

August 4, 2023 Article by Tom Perkins

“ ‘It feels like an apocalyptic movie’: life in East Palestine six months after toxic train crash”

August 3, 2023  PFAS article by Tom Perkins

“Chemical companies’ PFAS payouts are huge – but the problems is even bigger”

Available on Inside Climate News:

August 23, 2023  Fossil Fuels article by Jon Hurdle

“Appalachian Economy Sees Few Gains From Natural Gas Development, Report Says”

August 22, 2023 Politics & Policy Article by Phil McKenna

“Federal Regulators Raise Safety Concerns Over Mountain Valley Pipeline in Formal Notice”

August 8, 2023 Fossil Fuels Article by Quinn Glabicki, PublicSource

“Inside Pennsylvania’s Monitoring of the Shell Petrochemical Complex”

August 4, 2023 Politics & Policy Article by Jon Hurdle

“ ‘Halliburton Loophole’ Allows Fracking Companies to Avoid Chemical Regulation” New research finds fracking-industry exemption for 28 chemicals otherwise regulated by federal law.

August 3, 2023 Inside Clean Energy article by Dan Gearino

“Labor and Environmental Groups Have Learned to Get Along. Here’s the Organization in the Middle” The leader of BlueGreen Alliance talks about what brings his members together and some of the big challenges.

Available on The CONVERSATION:

August 23, 2023 Environment and Energy Article by Julie Arbit, Brad Bottoms, and Earl Lewis

“Looking for a US ‘climate haven’ away from heat and disaster risks? Good luck finding one”

Available from Yale Climate Connections:

August 25, 2023 Article by YCC team
“Could common medicines make heatwaves more dangerous?”

August 15, 2023 Article by YCC team

“Limiting warming to 1.5 degrees C would save half the world’s glaciers, study finds”

August 3, 2023 Article by Samantha Harrington. Interview with Meteorologist Alexandra Steele

“Introducing new Eye on the Storm YouTube series on extreme weather”