Suggested Readings for February 2024

MOVCA Selected Media Postings January 2024

Plus a few missed in the December listing. Compiled by Cindy Taylor


Appearing online in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel:

January 27, 2024  Editorial

“Infrastructure: EV charging stations are a vital investment”



Appearing on WTAP:

January 25, 2024 Feature by Kheron Alston

“Community Integrated workplace classes at PHS start hydroponic garden”


Appearing on WOWKTV 13 NEWS:

January 9, 2024 Feature by Sam DeCoste   (MOVCA was there.)

“Event promotes secure water access on West Virginia water crisis anniversary”


Available on the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

See articles by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter:


January 24, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“Dozens at PSC hearing oppose FirstEnergy solar credit plan”


January 23, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“WV oil and gas inspector shortage lingers nearly year after law passed to address it”


January 22, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“DOT to host virtual public meeting on electric vehicle infrastructure plan”


January 10, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“ ‘Water is political’ : Event rallies around 10th anniversary of water crisis”


January 10, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“Mon Power site sells WV solar capacity amid cloudy future for other solar programs”


January 9, 2024  Op-Ed by Eric Engle

“Eric Engle: West Virginia’s legacy is exploitation”


January 5, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter

“PFAS health concerns”

(Charlise Robinson of Lubeck, MOVCA member, is quoted.)


January 5, 2024 Article by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter  (Eric Engle, MOVCA, is quoted)

“EPA yet to approve 4-month-old PFAS cleanup plan for Chemours Wood County facility”


January 5, 2024  Special News Report

“2014 WV water crisis: Systems with violations higher than US”


Available on Available on Mountain State Spotlight:

January 22, 2024 Article by P.R. Lockhart

“Will West Virginia lawmakers support energy efficiency if it creates jobs?”


Available on WDTV (Fairmont):

January 5, 2024 Article by Frank Egan  Text and video

“Mon Power announces completion of 80-acre solar site”


Available on West Virginia Environmental Council (WVEC):

Tuesday, February 13, 2024 Environmental Day (E-Day) at WV State Capitol




January 16, 2024 12 – 1:00 PM Virtual webinar hosted by WV Citizen Action Group, WVEC & WV Rivers Coalition

“Advocacy 101: Make a Difference for West Virginia”


January 12, 2024  Newsletter article

“2024 Legislative Priorities”


Available on West Virginia Rivers Coalition:

January 2023 Action Alert

“Ask Members of the House Committee on Energy and Manufacturing to Protect Citizen Monitoring and Reject HB 5018”


Available on Ohio River Valley Institute:

January 12, 2024 Research article by Sean O’Leary

“The Rhodium Group’s Economic Impact Report on Carbon Capture and Storage”


January 11, 2024 ORVI Staff report

“2023 in Review” Together, a more prosperous, sustainable, and equitable Appalachia is possible


Available from Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services:

Zoom Webinars hosted by Fair Shake Environmental Services

Wednesday, January 17, 2024 10-11:30 AM “Lobbying and Advocacy 101- OHIO

Thursday, January 18, 2023 11-12:30PM “Lobbying and Advocacy 101- West Virginia”

Tuesday, January 30, 2023 2-3:30PM “Advocacy During an Election Year”

Webinar descriptions and registration link at


Available on ReImagine Appalachia:  

Upcoming February Virtual Events via Zoom:

February 13, 2024 noon   “Coalition Update: Appalachian Flooding Policy Platform”


February 20, 2024 noon  “Appalachia Sustainable Business Network Listening Session”


February 29, 2024 noon   “Sustainable Manufacturing CO-OPs Listening Session”


January 29, 2024 posting of “2024 Strategy Summit Debrief”

Links to recordings of Keynote speakers and daily sessions, as well as links to notes and recordings of breakout sessions.


January 26, 2024 at noon        Virtual Event via Zoom    Description and recording available.

“Addressing Methane Emission in Appalachia: How Many Workers Will It Take?”


January 16 – 17, 2024  11AM – 1:30 PM each day. Virtual Event

“2024 Strategic Summit: Celebrating Our Victories; Visioning What’s Next to Build an Appalachia That’s Good for Our Workers, Communities and Climate “


January 16, 2024 ReImagine Appalachia feature

“Where have all the federal investments gone? Here are some funding and project trackers to help you find out”


Available on Save Ohio Parks:

January 20, 2024 Article by Melinda Zemper (originally published in Columbus Dispatch on January 18, 2023)

“Mike DeWine and Climate Scrooges are Pushing Ohio to Environmental Extinction”


FaCT: Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future   

Check out their “Distinguished Speaker Series

See the articles in Newsletter :


December 30, 2023 Article by Linda New

“HB 197 – Community Solar in Ohio”


December 27, 2023 Article by Melinda Zemper

“Carbon Capture Technology”


December 26, 2023 Article by Mary Wildfire

“False Solutions: Geoengineering”


Available on Environmental Working Group:

January 3, 2024 Article by Ketura Persekkin (EWG)

“7 ways to detox your home (and keep it clean) year ‘round”


Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or NPR

January 29, 2024 Article by Abigail Bottar

“One year after derailment, East Palestine residents still question the health of the town”


January 10, 2024 Article by James Doubek

“Researchers find a massive number of plastic particles in bottled water”


Available on HEATED:

January 5, 2024 Article by Emily Atkin

“A chemical disaster occurred almost every day in 2023”


Available on WVLT8 Knoxville, TN:

January 11, 2024  Feature by Evan Kesek

“Program lets East Tennesseans test drive electric vehicles, aimed at expanding use in rural areas”


Available on Rural ReImagined:

Read about this Department of Energy-funded project:

“Borrow An Electric Vehicle For Free”


Available on REWIRING America:

January 16, 2024 Rewiring America Press Release

Rewiring America Releases Localized “Pace Of Progress” Tool For Home Electrification”“Pace%20Of%20Progress”%20Tool%20For%20Home%20Electrification


January 3, 2024 Article by Ari Matusiak, CEO and co-founder, Rewiring America

“Homegrown Heat Pumps!”


Available on

January 12, 2024 Climate Action article by Madison Aughinbaugh

“7 Victories for Our Planet in 2023”


January 5, 2024 Article by Linsey Sparkman

“How Green Muscle Memory Can Help Us Fight Plastic Waste”


December 22, 2023 Article By Emily Walker

“Addressing Climate Change with Kids”


December 20, 2023 Article by Susan Bass

“Earth Day and the Faith Community”


Available on Yale Program on Climate Change Communication :

December 7, 2023 Article by Alison Thompson, Joshua Low and Natasha Feshbach

“YPCCC Partnerships: Interview with Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Tony Sirna”


Available on Yale Climate Connections:

January 26, 2024 Yale Climate Connection Editor’s Corner

“Our picks for personal climate action in 2024”


January 24, 2024 Policy and Politics Article by Samantha Harrington

“Looking to take advantage of IRA rebates? Depending on your state, you might have to wait.”


January 11, 2024 Article by Emily Jack-Scott, Michelle Solomon, and Liz Carver

“New federal programs could ease high home heating bills”


January 5, 2024 Article by Samantha Harrington

“Our favorite underrated climate solutions”


Available on Inside Climate News:

January 27, 2024 Interview with Steve Curwood, Living on Earth

“Q & A: How YouTube Climate Denialism Is Morphing”


Available on the Science & Environmental Health Network:

January 25, 2024 Article by Sandra Steingraber, Senior Scientist

“Repercussion Section: Banning Fracking in New York…All Over Again”

(Steingraber’s insights and arguments are applicable to our MOV region as well)