Climate Corner: Paradise threatened

Feb 24, 2024 Rebecca Phillips As winter drags on in the Mid-Ohio Valley, many of us dream of escaping to tropical climes until spring. Since retiring, I have been lucky enough to do just that, spending several… Read More

Climate Corner: Net metering benefits all

Feb 17, 2024 Jean Ambrose editorial@newsandsentinel.come) As someone who lives in rural Wood County, I experience frequent power outages. That means worrying about whether my freezer is going to thaw or if my blood sugar alarm is working…. Read More

Climate Corner:‘Some animals are more equal than others’

Feb 10, 2024 Aaron Dunbar One of my first actions as a fledgling climate activist was to deliver 100 books on the subject of climate and the environment to the office of my climate change denying Congressman,… Read More

Climate Corner: Transition to cleaner energy offers opportunities

Feb 3, 2024 News and Sentinel Heather Sprouse Hydrogen, the simplest and most abundant element on earth, could be a key piece in the puzzle of energy solutions needed to avoid the most extreme impacts from climate change…. Read More

Suggested Readings for February 2024

MOVCA Selected Media Postings January 2024 Plus a few missed in the December listing. Compiled by Cindy Taylor   Appearing online in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel: January 27, 2024  Editorial “Infrastructure: EV charging stations are a vital… Read More