Suggested Readings for March 2024

MOVCA Selected Media Postings February 2024

Compiled by Cindy Taylor


Appearing online in The Marietta Times:

February 26, 2024  Local News by Stephanie Elverd

“Norfolk Southern investors continue criticism over derailment”


February 2, 2024 Business article by Michelle Dillon

“Washington County Commission supports SAI.TECH grant application”


Appearing online in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel:


February 8, 2023 Community News Staff Reports

“Mid-Ohio Valley Odds and Ends – Documentary Virtual Screening”



Appearing on WTAP:

February 25, 2024 Feature by Chase Campbell

“U.S. Supreme Court hears case that could impact interstate pollution” On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Ohio v. Environmental Protection Agency.


February 25, 2024 Feature by Chase Campbell

“Pilot program planned to test hydrogen at Pleasants Power Station”


February 18, 2024 Feature by Chase Campbell

“New report highlights concerns and goals for Ohio River Basin waterways”


Available on the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

See articles by Mike Tony, Environment and Energy Reporter:

February 19, 2024 Article by Mike Tony

“FirstEnergy utilities, solar advocates reach net metering agreement in PSC case”


February 14, 2024 Op-Ed by Eric Engle

“Eric Engle: Tired of dirty games from dirty industries”


February 13, 2024 Article by Mike Tony

“WV House sends bill giving DEP underground CO2 injection well primacy to governor”


February 10, 2024  Article by Mike Tony

“WV lawmakers siding with gas and oil industry despite heavy consumer costs”


February 10, 2024  Article by Mike Tony

“WV Senate passes bill to give DEP primacy over underground CO2 injection wells”




Available on Associated Press:

February 26, 2024 Article by Samantha Hendrickson

“Ohio commission awards bids to frack oil and gas under state parks, wildlife areas”


February 21, 2024 Article by Glynis Board

“Form Energy to begin manufacturing iron air batteries in Weirton to stabilize electric grid”


Available on The Allegheny Front:

February 26, 2024 Article by Julie Grant

“Commission Approves Bids to Frack Ohio’s Largest State Park and Two Wildlife Areas”


Available on National Wildlife Federation:

February 2024 “Restoring the Ohio River: A Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity”

Includes this link to download New Report: Community-Driven Solutions To Restore & Protect Ohio River Basin.

Findings from 31 community listening sessions


See also: available on Ohio River Basin Alliance (ORBA)

February 13, 2024 Press Release from Ohio River Basin Alliance – National Wildlife Federation

“New Report Chronicles Community Concerns, Priorities for Local Waters in Ohio River Basin” Report identifies community-driven restoration priorities to address pollution, clean water concerns in 14-state region.


Available on Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission ORSANCO:

2024 Ohio River Basin Day on the Hill Event May 16, 2024  Registration link included


Available on West Virginia Rivers Coalition:

February 29, 2024 “Action Alert: Tell WVDEP no more toxic discharges into the Ohio River!”

Includes link to fact sheet about Chemours Company’s Water Pollution Control Permit Application No. WV0117986


February 23, 2024 WVRC Policy News


February 23, 2024 “Join Us for Ohio River Webinars”


February 21, 2024 “Urgent Action Needed: Comment on Chemours Consent Order by Feb 25!”


February 17, 2024 “Action Alert: Curb methane emissions, create jobs, and protect public health!”


February 14, 2024 “Action Alert: Tell the Senate to Vote NO on HB 5018”


February 2024 Updates from WV Rivers Coalition

See “Clean Water for All Event Recap” & “A Symbol of Resilience and Community is on the Move” and more


Available on ORVI:

February 28, 2024 Report by Gregory Cumpton and Ted Boettner

Addressing Methane Emissions in Appalachia: How Many Jobs Will It Take?”

Includes links to download report, state fact sheets, toolkit, and webinar recording.


Available on ReImagine Appalachia:  

Register for upcoming March Virtual Events via Zoom and see recordings & resources available for past events.


March 19, 2024 noon “Natural Infrastructure/ Workforce Development Policy Report Release”


March 14, 2024 noon.  “Shelter in the Storm: ReImagining resiliency for your communities & congregations”


March 5, 2024 noon. “Sustainable Manufacturing Co-Ops Report Release”


February 29, 2024 11AM-1PM  “Planning Grants: Getting The Capacity to Build Your Capacity”


February 20, 2024 noon  “Appalachia Sustainable Business Network Listening Session”


February 13, 2024 noon   “Coalition Update: Appalachian Flooding Policy Platform”


Sierra Club West Virginia

Spring 2024 Mountain State Sierran Newsletter available digitally and can be downloaded.

See articles including on page 7 “Chemours Applies to Continue Causing “Dark Waters” “ by Eric Engle


Available on West Virginia Environmental Council (WVEC):

February 10, 2024 “Climate Reality Training in NYC, April 12-14- Application & Scholarship”


February 9, 2024 WVEC Green Legislative Update


Available on West Virginia Citizen Action Group:

February 15, 2024 Action Alert to Support House Bill 5422 for full retail credit Net Metering

“West Virginians Deserve To Be Paid Fairly For The Energy They Produce”

Links to action through West Virginians For Energy Freedom


Available on Earthjustice:

February 15, 2024 Article by Zahra Ahmad

“A Train Full of Toxic Chemicals Derailed in Her Town. Here’s What Her Community Needs Now.”


Available on Toxic Free Future:

February 15, 2024 Letter to President Joe Biden and EPA Administrator Michael Regan

“RE: Recommendations for East Palestine and nearby communities”

Note: MOVCA is signatory (over 200+ organizations) to this important letter to President Biden


Available on Environmental Working Group:

February 23, 2024 Article by John E. Reeder (EWG) and Anthony Lacey (EWG)

“Government panel calls for limiting federal purchases of products with ‘forever chemicals’

See also “Many Companies Market Alternatives for Products that Contain PFAS” (updated January 2024)


February 14, 2024 Article by Ketura Persellin (EWG) and David Andrews, Ph.D. (EWG)

“ ‘Forever chemicals’: Top 3 ways to lower your exposure”


Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or NPR

February 22, 2024 Article by Curtis Tate    Text and audio.

“Chemours Seeks DEP Permission For Tenant To Discharge Chemicals”


February 13, 2024 Article by Curtis Tate

“Revitalization Of communities Is EPA’s Focus In State, Ortiz Says”


Available on the U.S. Department of Agriculture:

February 12, 2024  USDA Press release

“Climate Corps, USDA launches New Working Lands Climate Corp to Train Future Conservation and Climate Leaders on Climate-Smart Agriculture”


Available on The Guardian:

February 17, 2024 Article by Oliver Milman

“Very cool: trees stalling effects of global heating in eastern US, study finds”


February 15, 2024 Article by Dharna Noor

“ ‘They lied’: plastics producers deceived public about recycling, report reveals”

Includes link to Center for Climate Integrity study.


February 12, 2024 Article by Dharna Noor

“Certified natural gas is ‘dangerous greenwashing scheme’, US senators say”

(Important issue to know about for our region)


Available on Inside Climate News:

February 11, 2023 Article by Keerti Gopal

“How a Climate Group That Has Made Chaos Its Brand Got White House’s Ear”

Climate Defiance’s  engagement with Joe Manchin included in article.


February 9, 2024 Article by Marianne Lavelle

“Michael Mann’s $1 Million Defamation Verdict Resonates in a Still-Contentious Climate Science World”


February 8, 2024 Article by Amy Green

“EPA Reports ‘Widespread Noncompliance’ With the Nation’s First Regulations on Toxic Coal Ash”


Available on

February 21, 2024 Article by Lindsey Sparkman

“Chemical Recycling: Savior or Saboteur?”


February 12, 2024 Article by Kelley Scott

“Love in Bloom: Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Celebrations”


February 11,  2024 Article by Jacquelyn Wells

“East Palestine, Ohio, One Year Later”


February 11,  2024 Article by Lindsey Sparkman

“Unraveling the Impact of Thrifting”   Thrifting doesn’t solve the fast fashion problem.


February 7, 2024 Article by Lindsey Sparkman

“Climate Education Takes Root”   NY can inspire climate education in schools across the country.


January 27, 2024 Article by Michael Karapetian

“Guiding You to a Greener Vacation”


Available on Yale Climate Connections:

February 28, 2024 Article by Lauren Kurtz

“Michael Mann beat his defamers. But climate scientists are still under attack.”


February 7, 2024 Article by Laura Thomas-Walters, V. Cologna, E. DE Lange, J. Ettinger, and M. Selinske

“How to speak with your family and friends about environmental issues” A simple guide to getting started.



Available on VOLTS.WTF:

February 14, 2024 Podcast by David Roberts. A conversation with Reps. Sean Casten and Mike Levin.

“The Democrats’ new consensus bill would supercharge transmission”

Informative discussion about permitting reform legislation- Clean Electricity and Transmission Acceleration Act (CETA)


Available on the Science & Environmental Health Network:

February 26, 2024 Article by Ted Schettler, Science Director SEHN

“Competing for Water, Driving Climate Change”


February 26, 2024 Article by Sandra Steingraber, SEHN Senior Scientist

“Repercussion Section: Thoughts on Groundwater”


Available on YaleEnvirionment360:

February 29, 2024 Article by Boyce Upholt

“In Rush for Lithium, Miners Turn to Oil Fields of Arkansas”