Take up the challenge!

Can you break free from single-use plastic this July?

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action challenges you to take action against the climate crisis by giving up single-use, disposable plastic this summer,. We know how difficult it is: it seems impossible to avoid the disposable, single-use plastic that has whispered “I’m so convenient!” as it invaded our homes and businesses, schools and churches – everywhere. But that’s the problem – it’s everywhere, more keeps coming every day, and it never really goes away. It’s in our rivers and oceans, our soil, our food,  and even in our bodies.

If all of us were to give up single-use plastic, think what a change that could bring to our planet!

So, give it a try! Can you commit to a day with no single-use plastic? A week? A month? July 2023 is a great time to start! MOVCA has organized a program of events and activities  – even a contest – to help you take up the challenge! Take a look at our July 2023 calendar and get started!

A few notes about the calendar: if you are seeing it in electronic form, you will see green asterisks (*) on many of the calendar squares. The asterisks indicate a clickable link to more information about a topic relating to plastics and the environment, or to invite you to a free film screening or presentation by speakers on concerns in the Mid-Ohio Valley. If you are seeing a paper display of the calendar, you can learn more by going to our website – use the QR code for easy access – and locating the information there.

Click to access info for MOVCA July Business Meeting

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Click here to access presentation by Heather Sprouse

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