Climate action is necessary

Sep 1, 2019

As a resident of West Virginia and the Mid-Ohio Valley, I am greatly concerned about our planet’s life. I am disturbed that the president of Brazil does not seem to be concerned that the lungs of our world are burning. He will not accept help from other nations.

As a person who has COPD, I am greatly concerned about the air I am breathing. The current administration in Washington, D.C., has weakened if not eliminated regulations on fossil fuels.

The people in Charleston have given our tax money to support a coal-burning plant but will do nothing to assist homeowners and others to install renewable energy. The government in Ohio has offered to help the nuclear power plant.

I live near the dirtiest river in the country, the Ohio River. Again, the EPA has cut regulations concerning chemicals and coal ash that can be deposited into the drinking water of many in adjoining states.

This week when at the G7 meeting in France, the president did not go to the meeting concerning climate.

I would urge my representative and senators as well as all who border a major waterway to pass legislation that will address the issue of climate disaster. Some in Congress will say that we do not have the money to pass the Green New Deal.

How much money has been lost by people in the midwest with all the flooding? How many homes were lost in the fires in the west last year?

How much damage will be caused by the hurricanes this season?

Our own state of West Virginia has not fully recovered from a flood nearly two years ago. Places like Puerto Rico, Houston, TX and Paradise, CA and many others damaged by wind, rain, and fire have not been rebuilt.

We must become realistic and face the facts we, humans, have caused this crisis that will only get worse if we do not act.

I cringe to think about what this earth will be like for my former students, nieces, and nephews and their children.

Margaret Meeker