Teaching kids to care about the world we all live in

Appearing in The Marietta Times


Jul 15, 2020

It is never too early to start thinking about ways to do better for our environment. In Williamstown, officials found a way to rope in local elementary students in lending support to pollinators. In fact, Williamstown Bee City USA had the aid of 16 children this summer, who planted their own pollinator gardens.

“We as a committee had to shift gears with what we could accomplish this year, because of the shut down and social distancing,” said Marty Seufer, a Williamstown council member and president of the Bee City Committee. “With school being taught from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, we were really glad to be able to work with the elementary schools to help educate the youth and give parents an activity they could involve the whole family in.”

Certainly help is needed from those of all ages, and anyone who wants to get involved can check out a list of plants that encourage pollination and can be added to a home garden at williamstownwv.org. Some of them can be purchased from River City Farmers Market vendors.

Meanwhile, having kids in our midst who already care this much about the world around them is an encouraging sign.

We hope the upcoming school year provides enough normality to allow the committee to expand the program beyond Williamstown-area elementary students, as they plan.