Suggested Readings for February 2022

MOVCA January 2022 Selected Media Postings

Compiled by Cindy Taylor

Appearing in The Marietta Times:

Sunday, January 2, 2022  West Virginia News article

“West Virginia grants key permit for Mountain Valley Pipeline”

Appearing on-line in the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

January 28, 2022 Op-Ed by Janet Keating, retired executive director of the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

“Janet Keating: WV needs to think before allowing nuclear power”

January 28, 2022 Environment and Energy Article by Mike Tony

“Public hearing reveals unusual alignments on whether to lift restrictions on nuclear power plant construction”

January 27, 2022 Environment and Energy Article by Mike Tony

“WV Senate passes bill that would restrict state banking contracts with fossil fuel-divesting companies”

January 22, 2022 Environment and Energy Article by Mike Tony

“Environmental justice concerns loom over Kanawha County ethylene oxide cancer risk reassessment”

January 20,  2022 Op-Ed by Eric Engle

“Eric Engle: Manchin makes it clear that he is not listening”

January 13, 2022 Op-Ed by Eric Engle

“Eric Engle: If Manchin’s all for explaining, it’s time he did”

January 6, 2022   Op-Ed by Eric Engle

“Eric Engle: WV leaders risk financial ruin clinging to coal”

Appearing in The Bargain

January 12, 2022 Column by Dr. Randi Pokladnik, PhD

Why are our youth leaving?”

Appearing in The Mountain State Spotlight, non-profit newsroom:

Updated January 24, 2022 Article by Lucas Manfield, Mountain State spotlight

“West Virginia’s 2022 Capitol Tracker”

Appearing on :

January 12, 2022 Article by Brad McElhinny

“Zero-emission, all-electric school buses to be manufactured in West Virginia”

related article Appearing on

January 12, 2022 Article by John Lynch

“West Virginia to manufacture zero-emission, all-electric school buses”

 related announcement on TOP News

Appearing on-line on Ohio River Valley Institute :

January 27, 2022 Article by Sean O’Leary, senior researcher, energy and petrochemicals

“Should DOE’s Vision of Ohio Valley CO2 Hub be DOA?” ORVI responds to a DOE request for information about carbon capture deployment.

January 20, 2022 Article by Ben Hunkler

“Despite “Winning” GDP Gains, Ohio’s Fracking Counties Lost Big in 2020

January 11, 2022 Feature by Ben Hunkler

“OVRI Insider #30: The Rise of ‘Frackaging’”

Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or NPR:

January 28, 2022 Report by Nathan Rott. Text and audio. (Heard on Morning Edition)

“A federal judge canceled major oil and gas leases over climate change”

Available from West Virginia Rivers:

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 6PM to 7:15PM   Online Webinar/ Informational Session presented by Ohio River Valley Institute, WVU Law Center for Energy and Sustainable Development , West Virginia Rivers WV Climate Alliance…

“Feasibility of Advanced Nuclear in West Virginia”  Recording available on WV Rivers’ You Tube site:

January 5, 2022 Article by Autumn Crowe, WV Rivers Staff Scientist

“Mountain Valley Pipeline Faces Legal Challenge to Water Permit in West Virginia”

Free Public event promoted by West Virginia Climate Alliance:

Tuesday February 1, 2022, 1PM  Scholars Lecture Hosted by Harvard T.H. Chan, school of public health

“The quest for Environmental and Climate Justice: 2nd Annual Donald Hopkins Scholars Lecture”

Keynote by Dr. Robert Bullard. Register at link below

NATIONAL ATTENTION & Relevant to our region:

Appearing on The

January 3, 2022 Article by Jordain Carney

“60 groups urge Senate Democrats to reform filibuster for voting rights”

MOVCA was a signatory on this letter

Appearing on

January 10, 2022  Article by Jeff Goodell

“Manchin’s Coal Corruption Is So Much Worse Than You Knew”

Available on The

January 26, 2022 News Article by Oliver Milman

“ ‘He’s a villain’: Joe Manchin attracts global anger over climate crisis”

Available on Common Dreams:

January 26 , 2022 Article by Julia Conley

“Manchin Internationally Reviled Over Climate Obstruction”

January 18, 2022 Article by Kenny Stancil

“Rising US Renewables Expected to Spur Decline in Fracked Gas”

Sean O’Leary (ORVI) cited

Available on (omitted from December listing)

December 22, 2021  Article by Andrew Crosson in Non Profit News/ Nonprofit Quarterly

“Countering Rural Disinvestment: Appalachia’s Ecosystem-Based Approach”


Available on The

January  27, 2022 Article by Nina Lakhani, Climate justice reporter

“Living near fracking sites raises risk of premature death for elderly, US study finds”

  Referring to study by Li , L., Dominici, F., Blomberg, A.J. et al.  published January 27, 2022 in Nature Energy  

 “Exposure to unconventional oil and gas development and all-cause mortality in Medicare beneficiaries”

January 18, 2022 Article by Damian Carrington, Environmental editor

“Chemical pollution has passed safe limit for humanity, say scientists”

           Study calls for cap on production and release as pollution threatens global ecosystems upon which life depends.

      Refers to study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology (ACS Publications)

Appearing in Journal of Nephrology:

January 6, 2022 Research article by Devan Makati, James Akers, Mahammad Aljuhani, Bethany Pellegrino, Rebecca Schmidt, Khaled Shawwa & Dinesh Kannabhiram

“Prevalence of ANCA-associated vasculitis amid natural gas drilling sites in West Virginia”

Sandra Steingraber’s Jan. 12, 2022 comment on Facebook: Cases of ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV) rose significantly after 2010 simultaneous to fracking increasing 10-fold in north central West Virginia.

This new study by scientists at West Virginia University School of Medicine is behind a paywall, but you can read the abstract and see the graphic, and we will watch for more shareable information.

 Available on NASA EARTHDATA:

January 25, 2022 Article by Emily Cassidy, NASA ESDA Science Writer

“Mapping Methane Emissions from Fossil Fuel Exploitation”

Available from  Use link below for imaging

January 25, 2022 Article by Emily Cassidy, NASA ESDA Science Writer

“Mapping Methane Emissions from Fossil Fuel Exploitation”

Available from U.S. Energy Information Administration:

January 18, 2022 Today in Energy Article, Principal contributor is Tyler Hodge

“New renewable power plants are reducing U.S. electricity generation from natural gas”

Available on The Solutions

“Our 100% Renewable Energy Vision”

Interactive map to see what 100% renewable energy could look like where you live in the year 2050

Available on Inside Clean Energy:

January 27, 2022 Article by Dan Gearino

“Inside Clean Energy: As Efficiency Rises, Solar Power Needs Fewer Acres to Pack the Same Punch”

Available from Ad Fontes Media:

“The Media Bias Chart,” Version 9.0 January 2022 Edition – Combined Web, Podcast, and TV

NEW BOOK by Ugandan climate justice activist, Vanessa Nakate (Published Nov.2021 by Mariner Books)

A Bigger Picture: My Fight to Bring a New African Voice to the Climate Crisis

See reviews: