Suggested Readings for July 2022

MOVCA June – July 4, 2022 Selected Media Postings

Compiled by Cindy Taylor

Appearing in The Marietta Times:

June 10, 2022 Local News by Michele Newbanks

“Washington County Commission appoints Wright as designated sewer engineer”

Article states, WCC’s board’s unanimous position is that ODNR should suspend consideration of new injection wells.

June 8, 2022 Editorial

“Oil and gas companies need to keep people safe”

June 3, 2022 Local News article by James Dobbs

“ODNR hosts discussion on new injection well”

Appearing online in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel: 

July 2, 2022 Article from WVU Today

“West Virginia University training next generation of toxicologists to analyze air from mining, fracking sites”

See also original article: Appearing on WVUTODAY:

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 News release by Cassie Thomas, Director, Communications and Marketing WVU School of Medicine

New WVU program trains next generation of toxicologists to collect, analyze air samples from mining, fracking sites”

Appearing on-line in the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

June 17, 2022  Energy and Environment article by Mike Tony

“New PFAS health advisory levels mean drastically higher risks, costs loom for WV, Ohio River Valley”

June 11, 2022 Energy and Environment Article by Mike Tony

“EPA and conservationists urge DEP to update its water quality assessment method, fearing missed water impairments”

June 16, 2022 Column by Chris Hoke

“Chris Hoke: Engage, inform on climate change”

June 14. 2022   Column by Eric Engle

“Eric Engle: Solutions available, but political will lacking”

May 31, 2022 Column by Eric Engle (missing from May Media Listing)

“Eric Engle: Clinging to coal continues in highest WV offices”

May 31,  2022 Energy and Environment Article by Mike Tony (missing from May Media listing)

“Mon Power, Potomac Edison now taking customer commitments for solar energy in West Virginia”

May 31,  2022 Energy and Environment Article by Mike Tony (missing from May Media listing)

“WV is high on environmental hazards but low on environmental justice protections”

Available on WTAP:

June 2, 2022 Article by Kirk Greenfield    video too

“ODNR holds packed public comment session on 2nd Little Hocking injection well permit”

Appearing on-line on WV Public Broadcasting or WOUB (PBS) or NPR:

June 30, 2022 Energy & Environment Article by Curtis Tate

“Supreme Court Sides With W.Va. On Power Plant Emissions”

June 22, 2022 Health & Science Article by Chris Schulz  Text and audio 1:01

“NIH Funding Helps Create New Program At WVU”

June 15, 2022 Energy and Environment article by Curtis Tate

“EPA Dramatically Lowers Guidance For Some PFAS In Drinking Water”

June 14, 2022 Energy and Environment article by Curtis Tate

“Federal Agency In Charge Of Billions For Mine Reclamation Lacks Director”

June 7, 2022 Energy and Environment article by Curtis Tate

“Manchin, Capito Sponsor Bill For Cleanup Of Acid Mine Drainage”

June 2, 2022 Government Article by Randy Yoho    Text and audio (1:02)

“W.Va. Electric School Bus Pilot Project Announced”

Appearing on-line on Ohio River Valley Institute :

June 27, 2022 Article and Video Ted Boettner, ORVI, interviews Mark Omara of  Environmental Defense Fund

“Methane Emissions and Low-Producing Oil & Gas Wells in Appalachia”

June 7, 2022 RESEARCH Article by Ben Hunkler

“Why Worry About the Future of the Plastics Industry?” Three interlocking factors spell trouble for the plastics industry: product bans, public opinion, and corporate pledges.

 Included are links to each of the three articles, Summary, Charts and graphics, Sample Social Media Posts and Digital Toolkits

June 1, 2022  RESEARCH article by Eric de Place

“Yet Another Reason Why The Plastics Industry Is in Trouble: Corporate Pledges”

Available from West Virginians for Energy Freedom:

June 23, 2022 6:30 pm Event in Wheeling, WV sponsored by Energy Efficient West Virginia and ORVI

“Wheeling Area: Learn How to Lower Your Electric Bill”  Description below:

AEP is asking the PSC for ANOTHER rate increase, this time for 12% — $18/month! Thankfully, while rates keep going up, the opportunities for taking control of bills are also improving. Come learn from energy experts about cost-effective options for becoming more efficient or going solar.

Available from Citizens’ Climate Lobby West Virginia:

Saturday June 4, 2022 Event sponsored by CCL WV Held at First Presbyterian Church, 16 Leo Sullivan Way, Charleston WV

“Caring on Creation Together: A West Virginia Interfaith Climate Conference” For registration and description:

Keynote speakers and panel discussions featured WV faith and other leaders discussing our state’s energy history, cultural landscape, economic transition, and climate change impacts and solutions:

Available on Appalachian Voices:

June 2, 2022 Front Porch Blog article by Mancy Koch

“The North Carolina People’s Energy Plan: A just energy transitions will reduce pollution and lower costs.”

NATIONAL ATTENTION & Relevant to our region:

Available on The Detroit Free Press:

June 15, 2022 Article by Keith Matheny

“EPA: No level of nonstick PFAS  compounds in water is safe for public health”

Available on Inside Climate News:

July 4, 2022 Justice Article by Samantha Hurley

“With Build Back Better Stalled, Expanded Funding for a Civilian Climate Corps Hangs in the Balance”

June 30, 2022 Politics & Policy Article by Marianne Lavelle

“The Supreme Court’s EPA Ruling: A Loss of Authority for Federal Agencies or a Lesson for Conservatives in ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’” The decision in West Virginia v.EPA could result in more expensive and restrictive carbon regulation—or the erosion of agencies’ ability to address society’s most pressing needs.

June 16, 2022 Science Article by Victoria St. Martin

“In An Unusual Step, a Top Medical Journal Weighs in on Climate Change” The New England Journal of Medicine kicks off a series of articles Thursday with an examination of the effects of air pollution on children’s health.

Available on Common Dreams:

July 2, 2022 Article by Andy Rowell

“Research Shows Burning More Gas Not the Answer to Energy Crisis”

June 30, 2022 Article by Mekela Panditharatne & Martha Kinsella, Brennan Center for Justice

“Supreme Court Takes an Axe to the EPA’s Ability to Mitigate the Climate Crisis” The Supreme Court’s decision in West Virginia v. EPA imperils evidence-based policymaking.

Available on Sierra Club:

June 15, 2022 Press release by Cindy Carr

“EPA Announces New Major Health Advisory Levels For Four Critical PFAS Chemicals”

Available on the New York Times:

July 1, 2022 Article by Maggie Astor

“As Federal Climate-Fighting Tools Are Taken Away, Cities and States Step Up”

    Athens, OH mentioned.

June 2, 2022 Climate Article by Lisa Friedman

“E.P.A., Reversing Trump, Will Restore States’ Power to Block Pipelines”

May 27, 2022     Article by David  Gelles and Hiroko Tabuchi (Missing from May Media listing)

“How an Organized Republican Effort Punishes Companies for Climate Action”

Available on Environmental Health News:

June 3, 2022 Op-Ed by Susanne M. Brander, Anja Kreiger, Melanie Bergmann, Bethanie Carney Almroth, Tridibesh Dey, Danielle S. Green, Sedat Gundogdu, Martin Wagner and Tony R. Walker

“Op-Ed: Closing the plastic tap – Why the U.N.’s plastic treaty must cap production and include chemicals too.”

Plastic impacts on future generations

Available on the Energy News Network:

June 8, 2022   News Article by Kathiann M. Kowalski

“In Ohio, researchers find EPA data doesn’t tell the whole story on fracking pollution” Scientists working with community organizations established a network of local-level air monitors, finding details that regional monitors can miss.


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July 1, 2022  Article by Bob Yirka

“Decrease in CO2 emissions during pandemic shutdown shows it is possible to reach Paris Agreement goals”

June 30, 2022  News Article by Nanyang Technical University

“Study reveals powerful links between methane and climate change”

Available on The

June 28, 2022  Energy and Environment article by Mark Z. Jacobson

“No miracle tech needed: How to switch to renewables now and lower costs doing it”

Available on The Washington Post:

June 8, 2022 Climate and Environment Article by Steven Mufson

“Oil and gas companies underreported methane leaks, new study shows” The House Science Committee calls for tougher surveillance amid evidence of super-emitters and undetected leaks in the vast Permian Basin”

June 2022 A Majority Staff Report Prepared for the use of the Members of the Committee on Science, Space, & Technology

“Seeing CH4 Clearly: Science-Based Approaches to Methane Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Sector”

Available on The

June 30, 2022 Article by Amanda Shupak

“Meat, monopolies, mega farms: how the US food system fuels climate crisis”

June 17, 2022 Article by Gary Fuller

“For hydrogen power to be a climate solution, leaks must be curbed”

Available on RECHARGE, Global news and intelligence for the Energy Transition:  (missing from May Media listing)

May 24, 2022 Energy Transition Article by Leigh Collins

“ ‘High risk stranded assets’ / Blue hydrogen ‘does not make sense’ in a gas price crisis: study”

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