Roads vs. coal

Mar 31, 2019

Thank God for those potholes, they remind us all we are in the Mountain State. Maybe if Gov. Justice would take charge of fixing them instead of complaining about previous administrations we could improve them. Instead we have a special road bond fund that has $0 funds. However, at least the coal barons got a boost. West Virginia is paying THEM $60,000 for each new job.

I guess the coal industry doesn’t need good roads. I wonder how many other businesses choose to NOT locate in West Virginia due to poor infrastructure.

So, as we move forward, let’s consider these things. First, has the legislature’s thrashing of the environmental regulations two years ago helped us to live “Wild and Wonderful?” Second, how low do we go decimating our children’s future to entice jobs that aren’t going to show up?

Finally, how about some common sense returning to the Legislature? Let’s make West Virginia a bastion of green jobs, not keep pretending a dying coal industry is magically going to save us all.

I’ve always known America IS great.

I don’t need a bombast and a hat to tell me.

Donald Lynch