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We can all make a difference in the world

Jan 19, 2022 In the Bargain Hunter Dr. Randi Pokladnik Seven years ago this month, I started writing columns for the Bargain Hunter. My very first column was about the chemicals in foods. For the past seven years… Read More

The dangers of dioxins

Randi Pokladnik in The Bargain Hunter October 2, 2021 The first time I heard the name of the chemical compound dioxin was back in the 1970s. Dioxin is a compound found in the herbicide Agent Orange, which many… Read More

We are in a climate crisis

The bargainhunter.com Randi Pokladnik July 18, 2021 For more than 800,000 years, the carbon-dioxide levels on Earth remained below 300 parts per million. However, since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the late 1800s and the burning… Read More

Our everyday actions can impact the planet

Randi Pokladnik April 8, 2021 The Bargainhunter.com April 22 is recognized around the world as Earth Day. In 1970 the U.S. established the first Earth Day, and now more than 193 nations take part in the celebration. Like… Read More

We can call a truce on the war against nature

Appearing on-line in The Bargain Hunter (Weekly news magazine serving Ohio Counties: Holmes, Tuscarawas, Wayne, and the surrounding area. Stark, Medina, Summit and Cuyahoga): Friday, March 12, 2021 Column by Dr. Randi Pokladnik Spring is just around the… Read More

Climate Change is Affecting our Hydrosphere

Column in The Bargain Hunter Nov 20, 2020 by Randi Pokladnik                         When we talk about climate change, we often fail to recognize the role that our oceans play in the bio-chemical cycles of the… Read More

OSU is ignoring climate-change science

August 14, 2020 The BargainHunter.com Randi Pokladnik                  Last week I took part in a virtual meeting to gather testimony concerning the construction of a new gas-powered plant in Columbus. The $290 million project would be… Read More

Using pandemic to avoid regulations

April 10,2020 By Dr. Randi Pokladnik at thebargainhunter.com The world has come to a standstill as countries try to protect their citizens from the COVID-19 virus spreading across the globe. People have been asked to adhere to social… Read More